Wie und was ist der richtige Weg in der Energiepraxis?

Wie und was ist der richtige Weg in der Energiepraxis?

Mit Energiepraxis ist der komplexe Weg gemeint, das uns von Geburt an gegebene Potential, voll auszuschöpfen. Die Daoisten und die Shaolin im alten China haben dafür eine Reihe von Körper, Energie und Geist Serien/Übungen welche genau dies bewirken.

Daoyin Übungen

Qi Gong oder Chi Kung geschrieben ist mittlerweile auf der ganzen Welt zu üben. Marketingmäßig immer ähnlich angepriesen;  in mal mehr oder weniger guten Erklärungen verpackt. Ausbildungs-Institute zur Lehrerausbildung in Qi Gong sprießen wie Pilze auf Nährboden. Jeder von ihnen maßt sich an das authentische, richtige und wahre Qi Gong zu vermitteln und jeden in kurzer Zeit zum autorisierten Lehrer auszubilden. Habe mir mal die Zeit genommen und ein paar solcher Institute näher angeschaut. Erstaunlich war das die meisten Gründer sich auf ein Zertifikat eines anderen Institutes verweist. Diese Institut verweist wiederum auf ein anderes Oberinstitut welches irgend wann einmal gegründet wurde und sich als das älteste und wahre einzige nun vermarktet. Gegründet mal als Qualitätssicherung, so weit so gut. Die Gründungsmitglieder dieser Oberinstitute  Qualitätssicherung sind also die Herren die Fäden in der Hand haben. Damals bei Gründung hatten sie wenn ich mich recht erinnere 3- 5 Jahre selbst praktiziert. Wow welch Erfahrungsschatz schon damals in den Gründungsjahren 😉 hahaha. Zu dieser Zeit praktizierte ich schon über 10 Jahre täglich Qi Gong und empfand mich noch als fortgeschrittener Anfänger im Vergleich zu meinem Meister (Wong Kiew Kit). Ein anschreiben bekam ich, mich doch diesen gegründeten Dachverband anzuschließen. Ich lehnte ab da ich die Leute kannte welche nur so von Theorie sprudelnden aber wenig Praxis besaßen. Dieser Oberverband bestimmt jetzt welche Qi Gong Kurse von der Krankenkasse anerkannt werden oder nicht, wer ein autorisierter Lehrer ist oder nicht, ein hoch auf den Lobbyismus kann man da nur sagen. Natürlich ist nun Zeit vergangen und dort wurde hoffentlich auch weiter praktiziert und nicht nur ausgebildet bzw. die Qualität gesichert.

Natürlich gibt es verschieden Stufen der Suche und es muß nicht immer der Brilliant sein den wir haben wollen. Deswegen ist alles gut wie es ist. Qi Gong Kurse muß es von low level bis high level geben für die Bedürfnisse eines jeden. Aber wer oder was gibt uns eine Richtlinie in der unserer individuellen Suche?

Davon werde ich das nächste mal schreiben.


Daoist practice of everlasting life…

The way of everlasting life is a main focus of daoist practice. To go along this attitude the daoist practice are quite many depends on the school the adept is following. But the philosophy is the same. Everlasting life means not the bodily aspect. The name Immortal is for many people confusing and leads to wrong action if deeper understanding is missing.

flying cranes_s

Here are few examples for a better understanding about daoist exercises. The text is written by Xu Congshi, disciple of Wei Boyang.

 The three jewels, the real crux

The ear,the eye, the mouth- these three jewels,

block and stop them up,do not let them gape.

The truth in man lies at the very depths,

He roams wide yet guards a proper compass within.

Sight and hearing are both crooked and winding,

They function entirely together

As the pivot and lynchpin or the self,

Their movement never exhausted.

Bank up and guard the sight within,

Do not employ the ears in hearing,

Close the mouth to chattering,

With rare words out of the teeming void.

These three are the crux of the affair-

To be with a relaxed body, resting in an empty room,

Abandon the will and return to the void,

And without thinking thus find constancy.

Let signs of difficulty promote your change,

And preserve one mind without rebelling:

In bed the spirit cradled in your arms,

Alive and alert to its care or neglect.

It identifies the three keys to the inner development of an Elexir- the ear, the eye and the mouth. They correspond to the internal vitality or body essences:

Jing > body essence

Qi > vital energy

Shen > Spirit

During one`s cultivation lowering down the sensory organs. Means just reacting less or even not (mastership) of whats going on. The meaning is not to become a stone the meaning is to stay focused and relaxed within the body whatever is coming across. If you stay in this state of mind the so called „Golden Elexir“ get created. This can be done because the mind stays calm all the time and you are beyond the point where Yin and Yang gets created. Not only in meditation you should get this point, no also during the hole daily action it is also called: „Refining the Elexir or Inner alchemy“

Teacher or master of an energy or spirituell art ? Part 1

Good question isn´t it ?  The confusion comes easily if you don´t know the difference and how to find points to measure. To read and belief advertisement can´t be the right for it. They are all similar, offering of course the best of the particular art for a better sell. For Qi Gong, Yoga, Taijiquan and so on many many schools with many many teachers or masters who knows where to go or why to chose this or yonder. They showing certification of their education, is that good or not ? But who knows is the organization or the person who certificate them are right or wrong or high or low a good one or a bad one.

yoga dog_s

Mhhh, so what now ? If you really interested to figure out you have to go personally to the place, studio, gym or to the person who calls him- or herself this or that. The most certification are given because the has done so and so many hours in that particular art. With this information only you can already say to 99% this is a teacher. Because nobody can master an spirituell or energetic art because of training the art for xy amount of hours. A person can of course learn the techniques what also means he or she can perform the external movement or positioning picture perfect but it does not mean the art is mastered.  To master an energy or spirituell art you have to go through your own processes energetic, mentally and spiritually. This may take years after years and no tonly xy hours.

More about will coming soon, stay tuned for part 2.

External enemies…

In Chinese medicine is a saying:

If your internal defense (Qi/vital energy )is strong and flowing no external enemy can strike you.

It sounds quite martial but its only a kind of view. And the so called not educated people in ancient China could understand its terminology easily.

External enemies:

  • Cold
  • Heat
  • Wind
  • Dryness
  • Dampness

These nature aspects of course not by it self enemies only if they can enter into your body. Then they can create so called blockages or in other words health problems. To prevent this it is necessary to keep our guard strong so these enemies can not enter the body. Several ways exist to keep the guard (defense Qi) strong. Here are some examples  from the classical wisdom of ancient china.

  • Live with nature rhythm
  • Exercises: Qi Gong / Chi Kung / Taijiquan
  • Food: 5 Element diet
  • Emotions: Keep them calm and balanced

crane tusche_s

Crane is symbolizing long life and immortality in Chinese culture.

Each of the listed ones has its own benefit but all the together they are a quite strong army against the so called external enemies. Each individual of them are to strengthen our defense Qi i.e. the guard. All together they build a strong army. This is the secret of a healthy life but the knowledge by itself not very helpful better start to bring it into your daily action. If you don´t you are the owner of death knowledge….

Treating with food an old tradition in Chinese culture

About the importance of eating and cooking in Chinese culture you can read in „Huang Dii Nei Jing“, Yellow Emperor´s Inner Classic. There is a saying medicine and food share the same origin. Difference between food and medicine actually does not exist only the way when you gone take it makes its difference: „Taking when hungry it is food eating when suffering its medicine“ If you are able to have a good balanced food it is like  you treat diseases before it arises. This is the main message of Sun Simiao a famous daoist healer in Chinese culture. Master Sun create the „Yangshen“  nurturing live where the dietetics plays a main rule beside herbal medicine and bodily energy exercises (Qi Gong). Sun Simiao is also the founder of the famous  Qi Gong „Five animal play“ (Wu Qin Xi). Sun Simiao statement of medical intervention offers some general ideas and rules about the effects of vegetable, grains fruits and animals substances on the human body.

Perfect control of Tiger and Dragon (Yin/Yang) the great Sun Simiao is showing:

Sun Simiao

Sun Simiao advises on dietetic :

The reason for the presence of increased sickness in the body is always related to the excessive consumption of cold substances and by immoderate eating and drinking in the spring and summer. Furthermore, fish, minced fish, and malodorous and cold substances mostly harm a person. To stop taking them is of great benefit. Frequent consumption of milk, koumiss, and similar substances gives a person strength in the sinews, great courage, and a body glistening with health. But if eaten in excess, they can also cause upper abdominal distention and diarrhea and gradually cause damage.

If we can avoid harm, there is no need for toxic drugs or harsh interventions because disease will never break out in the first place. Of course you have to understand he meaning of five element food their action to come to reach the points like the advices are showing.

An other quote of the great Daoist Sun Simiao:

Cultivate disposition to preserve health