Treating with food an old tradition in Chinese culture

About the importance of eating and cooking in Chinese culture you can read in “Huang Dii Nei Jing”, Yellow Emperor´s Inner Classic. There is a saying medicine and food share the same origin. Difference between food and medicine actually does not exist only the way when you gone take it makes its difference: “Taking when hungry it is food eating when suffering its medicine” If you are able to have a good balanced food it is like  you treat diseases before it arises. This is the main message of Sun Simiao a famous daoist healer in Chinese culture. Master Sun create the “Yangshen”  nurturing live where the dietetics plays a main rule beside herbal medicine and bodily energy exercises (Qi Gong). Sun Simiao is also the founder of the famous  Qi Gong “Five animal play” (Wu Qin Xi). Sun Simiao statement of medical intervention offers some general ideas and rules about the effects of vegetable, grains fruits and animals substances on the human body.

Perfect control of Tiger and Dragon (Yin/Yang) the great Sun Simiao is showing:

Sun Simiao

Sun Simiao advises on dietetic :

The reason for the presence of increased sickness in the body is always related to the excessive consumption of cold substances and by immoderate eating and drinking in the spring and summer. Furthermore, fish, minced fish, and malodorous and cold substances mostly harm a person. To stop taking them is of great benefit. Frequent consumption of milk, koumiss, and similar substances gives a person strength in the sinews, great courage, and a body glistening with health. But if eaten in excess, they can also cause upper abdominal distention and diarrhea and gradually cause damage.

If we can avoid harm, there is no need for toxic drugs or harsh interventions because disease will never break out in the first place. Of course you have to understand he meaning of five element food their action to come to reach the points like the advices are showing.

An other quote of the great Daoist Sun Simiao:

Cultivate disposition to preserve health


Water the essence of live…

Everybody knows more or less to drink enough per day. The most patients who are coming in my clinic mostly answering:” yes I´m at  least drinking  2-3 liter a day”. But the most do not really understanding why. If you know some facts about water and live you will have some better understanding and to drink water will not only be a mechanical act.


The list will show you the facts about water in % within the human body:

  • brain > 73 %
  • lung > 83 %
  • teeth > 10 %
  • heart > 73 %
  • muscles > 79 %
  • blood > 60 %

With this numbers it should be quite clear why the daily amount of water you taken should be at least 2 liters. You can say the water is like a transporter. The blood by itself is a mix of water with some cellular properties. All the intake of good food, minerals, vitamins etc. are not very helpful if it can´t transported to the place where its needed. And like you see at the above list how essential water is for the human. Is the percentage of water lowering down in the human body the hole functions will be reduced.  The power of muscles, the brain function > concentration, focus etc. will be influenced by drinking to less.

I think with  this information to quench the thirst is becoming more joy because you increasing your liife by keeping the bodily function up. Life and water a pair who belongs together. I for my self starting the day with a class room temperature water and I´m doing the same before  going to bed.


Still thoughts about Winter retreat…

Winter as we know is normally cold time. Means the body has to start the internal heater means it needs more energy (Qi) to do the job of warming well. In my clinic this is the time patients with cold, influenza or infection of throat or ears coming now most. After interview it becomes quite clear why these people are catching easily the counted diseases. Most of them where not following the nature rhythm. Like the added list (Winter mistakes) in my blog before they doing more then half of it. Explanation like: “I read in a health magazine it is good to take fresh vitamins daily via fresh fruits, fruit juice or salad in specially in winter to avoid sickness ” and I always smilingly answering: “And way you are here now if its right what the so called health or fitness magazine is saying?” The few thousands year knowledge is proved from many critic but still existing and means it is tested from millions of humans. In the past they had no idea of vitamins or minerals but the sensitivity to be with the nature and follow the nature. The people of today are believing the magazines, newspaper and internet following the advices blind. They lost the ability to listen to actually need of their body. Qi Gong, meditation or yoga are good arts to get back to nature flow of sensitivity within our body. Of course you have to find high level teacher or master of the art for a good result. If you get more and more sensitive to your energy flow more and more your live will change even without any influence of external information. Listen and the answers will come by itself because of trained senses from your performed high level art. Trust yourself is becoming more and more a part of your live and you will less dependent of external information.

winter berge_s

eat tropical fruits > you will feel cold after

eat salad > you will feel cold after

cold drinks > you will feel cold after

Few examples who are showing easily body energy reaction. Winter outside cold and you take also inside cold means the body has to work twice as hard to warm you or to keep you healthy. Its like an army who battle against to enemies in two direction. This wrong action of the most people during the winter season is by observing and experience the main factor to get sick in the cold season.

Stay healthy and warm feed….

Winter retreat…

Yes, the winter is the time to retreat.This is living with the nature in daoist way. But not only in the daoist philosophy the western people had done the same. To cold outside on the fields nothing to do. Staying home and preparing the working tools for the coming spring when the field work will start again.

winter romantik_s

Time to have rest to talk and exchange more as usual with family members and reading books as well go earlier to bed. This is like it should be in winter time. Today the most people make no different between the seasons because no need they thinking. Working as much sleeping same hours like usual. They gonna miss a period of energy charging who is needed for body, energy (Qi) and mind. One reason for the spring tiredness. The human did not get the needed rest in winter. Drinking tea, reading book with a candle light many dreaming of it but the most do not bring in to action. I hope you are not one of these people and wish a recreative winter time. Stay relaxed and happy….

Cold and flu time…hatschiieeee

The time of catching cold and flu is now present. In autumn and winter my clinic is full of these sickness or symptoms. Most people starting to late to change their clothes into warmer ones. Understandable because autumn can be very beautiful and sometime also warm during the day. So its not easy to make the right decision every morning before leaving the house. But to avoid the external evil like wind and cold you should be covered warm and when its getting warm you just take off some layers. If I´m looking out of my window at early morning I see the fog and dampness actually very beautiful after sunrise the fog and dampness slowly disappeared. Before leaving house look out of the window then you should choose your clothes.

herbstblatt cartoon_s

There two types of Cold and Flu in perception of Classical Chines Medicine according to the symptoms:

Wind heat type or wind cold type

Some rules to avoid catching cold these are general prevention:

  • take a warm drinks before leaving the house
  • wind covering clothes
  • take more ginger in drinks and food
  • warm footpath
  • take Chinese health mushrooms: Lingzhi or Yunzhi look at your asian drugstore

Some more information soon about the different types of Cold and flu and what to do when you catch it.

green, white ,red and black tea ?

After some explanations of green/ white tea now some information about black tea. Black tea is the one who get drunk most around the world. By contrast to green, white  one the black is fully fermented. In the west it refers black because of its color oxidised leaves. In the east some call it also “red tea” because of the reddish colored liquid. One the most well known or famous black tea is Puh Erh Tea from Yunnan Province in south west China. They even get routes named “Tea horse Road”(cha ma dao) where tea caravans where transporting the tea from Yunnan province via Beijing or Tibet. Because of the long transport the tea get fermented and formed into bricks, disks or nests. The storage during the caravan transport was much easier then. So we can say the Puh Erh/ Pu Er was a by product of the “Tea Horse Road” by itself. Because of these the tea has become a quite new flavor. It has created a specific kind of ‘black’tea, called hei cha.

pu er brick_s

An other well known black / red tea is the half fermented famous Oolong (black dragon)tea. From that tea the british took plants from Fujian province and brought it to India were it flourished and it became the famous Darjeeling tea.

more about tea ….soon



About Chinese Tea

Following the ancient wisdom of Chinese philosophy you should assimilate your intake according to the seasons. In the case of tea you should know which one is the best for which season. There are teas who are more cooling aspects and teas with warming aspects.

To understand it better its good to have an idea which sort of tea is available and which differences are between.

Actually their are three main types of  tea:

  • green tea (included white one)
  • red tea (half fermented)
  • black tea (full fermented)

Green Tea is called Lu Cha and its undergone only a little oxidation. It is getting collected in spring time. In spring the tea leaves are still very young and is given the best taste. Soon after picking the leaves undergoing a quick heat applying. This process reducing about 70% of the water the last 30% getting air tried. This is the best method to keep the natural taste. Green tea by itself has cooling aspect so the best time of course would be the summer to drink.

chinese teasRed tea are the teas who are undergoing a half fermentation or better said oxidation process. This process is to make the tea encyme and its ingredients working better. Because of this process the color of the tea leaves gonna change into dark. Depend on the tea the degree of oxidation can have between 5 % – 80%. The most popular “red teas” are Oolong tea or Puh Erh tea. The category “red tea” is a just because of its reddish color after preparation and it is actually not really a own tea category.  In China the family tea group get called Qing Cha. This tea is called energetic neutral and can be drunk the hole seasons.

Explanation about the black tea soon.

Autumn time …

The hot period is over and the nature is changing quite observable. Even when the german summer this year was more all the time autumn like, hahaha. But this temperature sense is the only measure point for the most of us. There is lot of changing all the time and very big changes are happen when the seasons are starting to change. Even when the human can´t see or feel it. Why it is ? There is a so called macrocosmos and microcosmos. When macrocosmos is changing the microcosmos will do it similar. There is something like a energetic connection between or correct said there is no separation. In autumn the days becoming shorter and the night longer. Means less sun, less warm the nature is getting ready for the winter pause. The last seasonal fruits getting picked up apples, pears, grapes, berries or vegetable like pumpkin or mushrooms and nuts are having their time. It is very good to eat always the seasonal food for your health and energy. These fruits or vegetables are full of the energy we need now for this particular season.


The autumn time is well known for its fast changing. The wind can create fast moves of clouds sun and rain can exchange very fast. Problem for us what to wear what to eat. So all the vegetable or fruits of this season are helping us with their specific type of energy. So leave out know the summer fruits from other countries or at least take them only a little if you can´t resist. If you can do it I´m sure you will have no or at least less health problem no or even for the coming winter.

More about that topic soon…



Elevated blood lipids or Cholesterol how to lower them….

There is a saying: “The human is as healthy like his blood vessels”. If you don´t watch out about your food intake for years your blood and vessels are not in best condition. A lot of people got elevated blood lipids. The Traditional Chinese Medicine is using the “Oyster Mushroom” for balancing the high level cholesterol.  The oyster mushroom is  enhancing the blood circulation and is binding the blood lipids.

Oyster mushroom


> 1kg oyster mushroom for around 20 days

cutting it in racer thin slices, store it on paper and turn them often for few days until their complete dry, from the 1kg maybe only 100 gram left by weight, grind it in a mortar, store it dark in glass jar,

> take everyday one teaspoon, add it into your food or with hot water

Wish a healthy live

Warum manche Diäten nicht wirken ….Teil 2, Why Diets sometimes not working

Also die Sichtweise  der chinesischen “Fünf Elementen” Anwendung mit dem Magenfeuer sollte uns klar machen das für eine gute Verstoffwechselung, es von Nöten ist, dieses Feuer zu unterstützen. Wie ? Ganz klar indem wir ihm das beste Brennholz geben und nichts was ihm die Arbeit erschwert, heißt > nicht kleiner werden lässt. Nur wenn der Magen gut Funktioniert kann die Energie (Gu-Qi) optimal aus der Nahrung gelöst und dem Körper zugeführt werden. 

Ich fange mal damit an Lebensmittel in (Magenschwächer) “Feuerschwächer” und (Magenstärker)”Ölinsfeuer” zu erläutern. Ölinsfeuer bedeutet die so genannte Mitte zu stärken und somit dem Magen/ Milz (die Mitte) zu helfen ihren Job optimal auszuführen.




Mitte (Magen/Milz) Booster Regeln / Ölinsfeuer- Regeln:

Regel Nummer 1: hauptsächlich schon gekochte / gedünstete  und warme Nahrung zu sich nehmen

Regel Nummer 2: nur drei Mahlzeiten am besten zur gleichen Zeit, keine so genannten Zwischenmahlzeiten

Regel Nummer 3: nehme dir genügend Zeit für deine Mahlzeiten

Na gut  der Anfang ist schon mal gemacht, kann ich nur hoffen das dies einem nicht auf den Magen schlägt……

Regel Nummer  ?:  ist beim nächtsen mal drann