seek for a real master….the journey

Laying in cabin on my bed with folded arms and was thinking about the motivation why I started the journey to the east. Thinking I mastered already the martial art Ju Jutsu was the youngest man with third Dan master degree at that time in Germany. Competing around 150 times and was loosing only four or five time. Something was missing something was not complete this was my internal feeling.

Baikalsea in Winer_s

Frozen Balkai Sea view from the train window“

I read about the masters in past from Asia who had so much different skills beside the fighting aspect.  At the TV was running series Kung Fu with David Carradine. Grashopper and the conversation with his blind master very inspiring. In that series I was hearing first time about the Shaolin and their high level Kung Fu and their history. Actually the hole 70´s until mid 80´s was full of Kung Fu movies and books and also not to forget to name Bruce Lee who was opening the eyes for the westerner about the Chinese culture. My teenager time and my twenties full of influence of Kung Fu even some music hits like „Everybody is Kung Fu fighting“ from Carl Douglas were entering the music charts. Before Kung Fu only Judo, Karate or Aikido was known in Europe. These are all Japanese styles now the time of the Chinese style had come. The arts of the Samurais and Ninjas was now exchanged to Konfutse and Laotse or for the  warrior monks of Shaolin. Years I was storing the money for the journey to the east to China. Now only two and half days left to enter the mysterious China. At that time still under the regency of hard communist leaders. With this thoughts and the typical sound of the train I was falling to sleep. Only two and a half days forward and I will be in the country were want to find my real master. I felt a bit sorrow for the travelers in my cabin because they just want enter China as tourist and to make photo shoots.

How to find a master….(a part of my life story)

was the last phrase of my previous blog. After practicing already for 17 years martial arts and mastering five arts my Sifu (Chinese term for father teacher) entered actually my Dojo/Gym/Kwoon. This is how the places get called where you can learn martial arts. My previous martial arts school name was „Budocan Frankfurt“ and was very well known in Germany because of its high level competitors. So how does it come that my Sifu was entering my school ? Much later around two or three years or so Sifu (Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit) just answered my question about with following phrase:

 Kai thats a easy to answer, if the student is ready the master appear.


It sounds a bit strange but what to do if the master say so. But actually I was looking i.e. searching for thus strange not explainable spiritual experiences. Now after over twenty years walking the Shaolin arts path who Sifu learned me it becomes more and more clear. I was searching by heart not by intellect. This was also the reason why I was all together more then five years traveling to Asia to search for a real master. For me a real master is more then one who master only the external art i.e. method/ technique. From the so called external masters I had already the best for my practice art. I still respect them all from my heart because they were showing, leading and educated me very well until I was ready for the complete art. What it mean complete art?, a combination of practical, energy and mind/spirit. But about this I gonna talk in a other blog later.

Ok five years searching by traveling Asia and finding nothing what I was looking for. Visiting martial arts schools all over from Shaolin Monastery to other Kung Fu schools 1,5 years in China. Later Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Thailand from country to country from art to art and MA-school to MA-school. But nothing what I was looking, searching or was dreaming about. But what was is it? Actually motivated from books who where writing about the masters from the past who where able perform for me so called „crazy“ stuff. And I was sure there are still some around us somehow hidden. This belief was so strong to start my search around the world. I felt it in my heart but could not explain why my belief was so strong. The most friends where thinking at that time now he will get crazy, hahaha, when I was starting traveling and saying good by to them. The questions of my relatives and friends I couldn´t answer. Questions like:“ where you going first..“, which you going next…“, do you got an address where we can get in contact with you…., and so on. My standard answer:“ I realy don´t know“ or  „I gonna start with the transsiberian- train then I will see“

Shaolin Training, Kung Fu, Frankfurt, Qi Gong,Taiji,Taijiquan
Shaolin Training in „Special Chamber“ Frankfurt –

Flowing with the clouds thats how I would describe my past action now. I was moving by intuition following the flow of situation and never forgetting what I was searching for. The central theme to my vision (find a real master) was my pilot.

More about is coming soon….




Shaolin Künste…

der Versuch die Shaolin Künste (Kung Fu, Chi Kung, Zen/Chan) mit anderen Kampfsportarten zu vergleichen scheitert ziemlich schnell. Na klar könnten die Techniken verglichen werden aber nicht das ganze Konzept, das dahinter steht. Schon das Wort „Kampfsport“ hinkt denn darunter lässt sich das Shaolin mit seinen Künsten schon gar nicht einordnen. Ich persönlich bevorzuge eher das für mich passendere Wort „Kampfkunst“. Warum ?, da Sport etwas mit messen, sich messen, vergleichen, gewinnen, verlieren und Konkurrenz zu tun hat. Im Gegensatz das Shaolin das neben den körperlichen Übungen die energetischen, mentalen und spirituellen Seiten des Menschen entdecken, harmonisieren und stärken lässt.


Zhang Zhuang > Goldene Brücke

Die Übungen des inneren Kung Fu führen einem zu dem Aufgezählten. Selbst in den einfach aussehenden Übungen dem Nei Kung zugeordneten „stehenden Säulen“ (Zhang Zhuang) werden schon alle Aspekte des trainiert. Hier lernt der Shaolin praktizierende seine alten Muster abzulegen bzw. abzutrainieren. Die höchste Meisterschaft oder die Meisterschaft schlechthin ist erreicht wenn Formen, Partnerformen und im Freikampf den Shaolin nichtmehr aus seiner Mitte kommen lassen. Dies wird dann Meditation in Bewegung genannt. Dann kommt der Praktizierende dem Ziel nahe kein Spielball seiner Emotionen zu sein. Egal was im Alltag zu bewältigen ist von Privat bis Beruf er bleibt gleichmütig. Dies hat nichts mit gleichgültig zu tun, sondern ganz im Gegenteil, immer den gleich Mut mit offenen Herzen zu haben,egal in welcher Situation.