Kann Kampfkunst spirituell sein?

Ja ich weiß ich hatte eine lange Pause…aber weiter geht es mit Themen die mich und vielleicht euch interessieren und weiterbringen in unserem Dasein.  Uns weiterbringen da fängt es schon was heißt das? Da ist es gut wenn man eine Idee hat wie man Informationen die wir aufnehmen betrachten könnte. Bringt sie uns Wissen, bringt sie uns Erkenntnis, bringt sie uns Weisheit oder sogar spirituell weiter?

Nehmen ich jetzt das Wort Kampfkunst  und betrachte ich es besteht es aus zwei Substantiven auch Kompositum. Kampf und Kunst eigentlich ein wenig konträr wenn man es einmal wirken lässt. Kampf das martialische und Kunst ist ein Produkt aus einer Kreativität heraus. Man könnte sagen körperlich und geistiges vereint oder aber auch Yin und Yang.

Nun gibt es aber noch den Begriff Kampfsport hier wider rum liegt der hinweisende Schwerpunkt auf Sport. Sport würde ich definieren als eine Tätigkeit (körperlich / geistig) die in der Gesellschaft selbst keine Produktion hervorruft. Sport wird gemacht aus Freude oder aus dem Leistungswillen heraus, so etwas wie schneller, höher und weiter Motivation.

Also wer Kampfsport macht will etwas über die körperliche Messbarkeit erreichen. Üben zur Verteidigung oder  sich im Wettkampf beweisen wo man mit seinem Können dasteht in der Riege der Gleichgesinnten.

Mein persönlicher Weg  zum Beispiel war über Kampfsport zur Kampfkunst. Erst  wollte ich mich nur  verteidigen lernen haben mich dann später Jahre lang  auf  nationalen und internationalen Turnieren erfolgreich mit anderen gemessen. Nach ca. zehn Jahren meldete sich der Körper immer mehr,das aufstehen morgens wurde schmerzhaft,der Schlaf war nie genug, Gelenke und Knochen brauchten immer längere Aufwärmphasen. Das Los eines jeden Leistungssportler nach Jahren körperlichen Grenzgängen. Mitte zwanzig angekommen die Grenzen des Körpers wahrgenommen da stellt sich einem natürlich die Frage was jetzt? Ich schaute mich um in Bibliotheken suchte Bücher über Meditation, Energiearbeit inspiriert von Filmen wie Kung Fu mit David Carradine, 36 Kammern der Shaolin oder aber auch Bruce Lee. Noch nicht wissend das ich Jahre später genau diesen Linien zugehörig sein würde. Meine innere Stimme sagte oder flüsterte besser gesagt immer wieder: “ Hey der Körper ist limitiert“ . Nach ca. fünf Jahren in Asien auf der Suche nach einem real Master (siehe meinen blog“search for a real master“) wurde ich belohnt die Transformation konnte beginnen.


Unsere Buddha Halle, Shaolin Wahnam Institut in Frankfurt Germany 


Ich hörte zum ersten mal die daoistische Sichtweise der drei menschlichen Schätze:

  • Jing
  • Qi
  • Shen

Jing der Körper, Qi die Lebensenergie und Shen der Geist. Ich bekam Übungen von meinem Sifu (Lehrervater) die ich am Anfang gar nicht verstand. Jing ja den Körper hatte ich genug trainiert dachte ich. Jetzt war alles anders bei jeder körperliche Übung wurde mir im Training jahrelang gesagt, geflüstert oder aber auch in Gesicht gebrüllt keine Spannung. Seltsames stehen wurde mir beigebracht Zhan Zhuang, stehende Säulen das Geheimnis für korrekte Ausrichtung des Körpers damit das Qi sich entwickeln kann und ungehindert fließen kann. Selbst der Shen wird auf der fortgeschritten Ebene bei diesen Zhan Zhuang entwickelt.

Kampfkunst nannte ich nun  mein Shaolin  Training denn ich übte etwas was nicht körperlich für mich greifbar war. Was fein stoffliches  ging in mir vor das ich am Anfang, heißt die ersten Jahre nicht greifen konnte aber merklich zu spüren war.

Im nächsten Blog in dieser Serie werde ich weiter in Richtung der Spiritualität gehen, weiter meine Erfahrungen innerlich und äußerlich mit euch teilen. Die Transformation von Kampfsport zur Kampfkunst…

bis dahin und be happy 🙂


see k for a real master–the journey

I don´t know how many time people on my journey ask where my goal is. Which place which country or place of interests etc.. Ok maybe the next country or region I could imagine but no more. My search was not tourist places or beauty countrysides, beaches or buildings of stone. Of course I would not turn around if I would come close to one but it was not my priority. After many time I get ask about this topic more and more it became clearer. Even for me hahaha. The distance to my country longer and longer, the thoughts about smaller and smaller. Family, friends, job, parties so far and small already after only two and half weeks traveling. So many impression, so many new things so many people and cultures I crossed and still will. My observation became stronger and clearer, my listening get assisted from the other sense organs. Once in while I had really a hour or more conversation without to have any idea in which language the person was talking in front of me. Today its quite clear for me if the hearts are open you will understand any message from any person from any language. That idea of open heart understanding became stronger and stronger during my journey and later also a big part of the teaching what I learned from my Sifu(Master).

True Nature


Now I had many time so I listed down for my self the true reasons for my journey and what I ´m seeking for:

  • is this the reality
  • is there are other realities
  • who am I beside name and job
  • where my emotional explosion / tension is coming from
  • why I´m born
  • hole purpose of live

This small list showed me again and again my deepest interest of live. My lifestyle at that time itself would not reflect this deep questioning. Easy going, every day party, lot of laughing, wine,dame,song beside work and studying. Everything good, enjoyable  but somehow not satisfying. All that easy going and fun could not quench the thirst of „I want to understand“. And somehow I just was following the internal call. Today I understand it was following my „true nature“ not my „earth nature“. Earth nature is interested in:

  • higher
  • further
  • faster
  • more
  • power 

These listing is used by status, family, job, any ranking, car….and so on. Comparison, status improvement  and measurement is the main ambition of an earth nature human. A so called heavenly human/ true nature is looking for answers behind all the so called important things of an earth human.

Transsiberian Train Dez 1984

seek for a real master…the journey

Only two days left toward to the Chinese border. After five days on the transsiberian train I´m used now to all kind of chicken dishes they were offering beside nothing else. During looking out of the train window I was dreaming to become a chicken. A old german song came to my mind: „ich wollt ich wär ein Huhn…“ Suddenly one of my cabin member was tipping on my shoulder and was asking to join in for lunch. I start a big laugher. At the train restaurant we had chicken soup together followed by fried chicken breast. The restaurant service always asking for dollars for the payment and my small money notes were close to be empty. I still had a lot a lot of rubles currency left after my red square black market money changing  and KGB experience. Asking to pay the double price but in ruble currency the service always shaking head to show the no go. The other restaurant guests from the USSR could pay in ruble but the five tourists on the train had to pay in one dollar notes. After lunch we went to an other famous place. The place were the samovar was steaming. In every second wagon was one and it was also a good place for a chat with others while drinking black tea.


The colorful queue from different cultures in front of  samovar was a kind of meeting point for many who want to get in contact with others and to change information or for examples cigarettes. I was the one who get ask most to change cigarettes because I had tobacco to roll and most all smokers like to have a taste of it. To smoke we had to move to the space between the wagons. Between four and five people could stand there and the air was within seconds full of smoke. Full covered with thick clothes hand in the pockets cigarettes between the lips and the woolly down till eyebrows. The hole body was shivering while crossing meanwhile Siberia. Our smoking ritual became quite short because the temperature at the space between wagons was at least minus 30 degrees. Not even the warm smoke you could feel within the lungs and you got the feeling during breathing out ice cubes falling out of your mouth. After finishing we went always back to the samovar to get a cup hot water for warming our hands and body. I got somehow the impression that collective suffering makes it easier to become friends. Between chicken soup, tea from samovar, smoking in minus degrees and was at least 1-2h  learning Chinese language from a book as well to learn how to handle the chopsticks by fishing single nuts from a box. This was how the days and hours were passing by. Ones or twice a day the train were stopping at stations from cities or villages I never heard about. This was good opportunity to leave the train for few minutes. Like an animal at the Zoo I was running up and down along the platform to move and stretch my body and breath as deep and much as possible the cold fresh air in my lung. Inside the train it the smell was really nauseous. The people of course me as well had no chance to take shower only the small washbasin with icy water from the tap, brhhhh, the hole train was smelling like a Puma cage with no possibility to open windows. Running up and down the platform with bodily gymnastic as much and long as possible were the big highlights every day. Fill lung with fresh air and moving all joints how beautiful such things can be. Until the last whistle of train conductor I was enjoin jumping, running, slide on snow and ice, gymnastic and breath deeply. Around 4pm it starts to get dark in Siberia and the snow white wide landscape changed into a really. A further day was over and only one and half left to enter China border.

Transiberian Train, Nov. 1984


seek for a real master….the journey

Laying in cabin on my bed with folded arms and was thinking about the motivation why I started the journey to the east. Thinking I mastered already the martial art Ju Jutsu was the youngest man with third Dan master degree at that time in Germany. Competing around 150 times and was loosing only four or five time. Something was missing something was not complete this was my internal feeling.

Baikalsea in Winer_s

Frozen Balkai Sea view from the train window“

I read about the masters in past from Asia who had so much different skills beside the fighting aspect.  At the TV was running series Kung Fu with David Carradine. Grashopper and the conversation with his blind master very inspiring. In that series I was hearing first time about the Shaolin and their high level Kung Fu and their history. Actually the hole 70´s until mid 80´s was full of Kung Fu movies and books and also not to forget to name Bruce Lee who was opening the eyes for the westerner about the Chinese culture. My teenager time and my twenties full of influence of Kung Fu even some music hits like „Everybody is Kung Fu fighting“ from Carl Douglas were entering the music charts. Before Kung Fu only Judo, Karate or Aikido was known in Europe. These are all Japanese styles now the time of the Chinese style had come. The arts of the Samurais and Ninjas was now exchanged to Konfutse and Laotse or for the  warrior monks of Shaolin. Years I was storing the money for the journey to the east to China. Now only two and half days left to enter the mysterious China. At that time still under the regency of hard communist leaders. With this thoughts and the typical sound of the train I was falling to sleep. Only two and a half days forward and I will be in the country were want to find my real master. I felt a bit sorrow for the travelers in my cabin because they just want enter China as tourist and to make photo shoots.

seeking for a real master…the journey

After around one hour queue up the service guy give me sign to enter the train restaurant. The smell of tea and coffee was entering the sense organ of my nose. The mouth starts watering because I did not have any food since at least my MC Donald experience in Moscow 24h ago. I took the place the service was showing me and luckily at the window. A yellowish paper with some Cyrillic letters on it get handed to me. A asking for a english menu card  and the service man with a dirty uniform start laughing loud so guests were turning around to look at us. Ok, ok one american coffee I order first then some boiled eggs toast and porridge. A next loud laugher starts from the mouth of the service man. Now understood that he could not even speak english, how funny…


.So I started to make pantomime and played the role of a coffee bean, a smelling nose and a chicken who lay an egg under the wide open eyes of the other restaurant guests. The pantomime of the service shows me sorry no have…So looked around at the other tables in the restaurant and I see only soup terrine, any kind of chicken pieces so far I can see. One guest came to me who could talk a bit english. He told me that I can have anything I like but only made from chicken. I ask what? Yes anything but it must be made from chicken. Because the service bought luckily hundreds of chicken at the black market or farm and the cook now can prepare what ever I like from it. Even here on the train the effect lack of food we could sense. Actually we were lucky to have such clever service because they went by them self to the black food market or to some farmer to catch and buy what ever they could get. In our case chicken. My first order for breakfast on the transsiberian train then was two chicken legs and a pot russian tea. During my first bite into the chicken leg was thinking: „Ohhh ohhhh seven days all kinds of chicken menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner hopefully no chicken wings will crow on me…“