The way it is…

or it should be?

A friend to me: I don´t read you

I: The greatest happiness in life is to be associated with the spirit

Friend: what ?

I: And the greatest torment is to know to much…

My Friend with a great question mark over his head: but ähh if when…

I: And yet be unable to be detached

Friend is shaking his head  turning around and left the room

To seek...

My mind became loud:

Waves are moving deep sea stays unmoved

Sometimes is to say nothing the best answer…

or body benefits from movement mind from stillness

Wish a happy stillness

The way it is…

„Pain is inevitable suffering is optional“ Buddha

We are alive and we have a body, we do have emotions and we have mind so far so good.

How does it work?


„Mind creates reality“ Buddha


Because of the body mind connection we creating our own personal bodily sensations by just thinking or name  situations in positiv or negative or like or dislike. It means you are by your own responsible how you feel, i.g. suffer or happiness.

For example you drinking a good bottle of wine and after while the bottle is half done. Now there are two main internal human thinking actions:

a) Yeah… very good still a half bottle to drink

b) Ohhhhh…only half left

In case a) the body will feel light with good sensations. Because this is how the body is reacting on so called happy feelings.

If the mind becomes negative like in case b) bodily sensation are more heavy and more tensed.

In terms of suffering both can be the same in both cases. In example a) some want to have back this yeah very good feeling sensations and starts craving for it. If that person can´t repeat it suffering starts. In example b) its similar the person do not like so much the created sensations and inner disquiet and starts to suffer because of it.

If you can keep your mind monolog quite means with no assessment you are in a state to enjoy fully alive the wine. You are 100% in the particular moment fully aware and how you experience the external reality within you body. If you are able understand that you are the one who has responsibility how you feel you toward to a more happy live.

It is like it is…mind interpretation can´t see it but is creating sensations. These sensations are creating again your like or dislike. Interrupting that circle means inner peace and happiness.

Chin Chin

The way it is…

„Silence isn´t empty it´s full of answers“

But if there are answers where is the silence…is there silence only acoustic or at the mind level or both. The sense organ are such to get into the contact to the external world and because of that they will create a bodily sensation. Mhhh…there are sensations…the normal human  is dividing them in like or dislike. If you able to react differently you would be more centered and not to be the mercy of game point anymore.



There are sensations because we are alive. But you can choose how to react to be in contact with the world.  If you are able to be at the present moment all the time with all your sense organs but staying without any  comments you will find you centered, smiling and happy. Do not follow your internal Facebook manner like or dislike be aware of you all your sensations without internal reactions and you will be happy and fully alive.

Ahhh now I understand:

Silence means no internal comments but if its necessary switch it on but only if there is need for it. Leave the mind empty and quite and use it by purpose not by old habit. Just do not feed your monkey mind.

Have nice sensations… 😉



Daoist wisdom…

Refine the self and set up the foundation.

Overcome anger and lust; conquer the self and return to normalcy

Mundane feelings and idle thoughts are all to be thrown away

I Ging and I

Those who hear the Way are small sages; those who accomplish the Way are great sages. 

Spirituell work….

When you start to meditate and you lower your eyelids no separation of spirit and intension is needed. The separation starts only when movement and stillness begin to follow each other. Meaning is the stillness (non action) is coming from the spirit and the intension works through action. The spirit can accomplish everything in its non action. The spirit is the ruler of action but does not move in its original. Intension by the other hand moves and is directing the spirit. For true intuition to emerge spirit and right intention must work together. To reach the goal you must extinguish all thoughts.


Practice mindfulness every day until it is becoming like to brush one´s teeth. Mind creates reality you chosen to see things good or bad positive or negative. Meditation is a good tool to be aware of our mindset all day long.

Breath in and out ….thats it and don´t forget to smile

search for a real master…

My brain went close to crazy so many thoughts in a split of a second where popping up. The heartbeat was speeding up like a machinegun and on my forehead sweating drops appeared. I turned my head to look again to the guy at the other room but the door was closed already from an officer. Monotonous the voice of the translating woman where entering my ears: „Is this the man, is this man who was changing the money…“, between the monotonous questioning I could hear one officer talking or do some order to the translator in russian. Then for while no sound in the room, no talk no questions the room feels like before an explosion…silence and could feel and even hear my heartbeat. Suddenly…bhäämmm a folder was smashed on the table.

„Mr.“ the officer start to talk in broken english and pointing with the index finger to the folder „we know you like to travel by train to China tonight and you really like too, right ?. Better tell us the true or…“, …..silence….“ you gonna stay here till we get the right answer and no train tonight, you understand ?“

My thoughts flashing over, how in hell they know it?, I did not tell them anything about. The officer still were pointing with the index finger at the folder. The other officer was still checking my passport with a loupe. The female translator was flashing a cigarette and blowing the smoke. And  I felt so small in that moment. „Your decision“, the female translator whispered between blowing her smoke. Ok, Ok a decision, a decision…  suddenly a phrase came into my mind:

A Samurai makes his decision within seven steps, Hagakure   

I open my mouth and following spoken sentence was heard: „Yes he was the one“. The translator just said: „We know, he get already observed long time but know with a value of a western foreigner we can close now our folder about him and he will get his punishment.“  

Now everything become quick. I signed the journal get my pass board back as well the Rubel I changed illegal and was guided by an officer to the entrance of the KGB building. The cold blowing snow wind was entering the openings of my jacket. I drop down my head not get the full snow wind in my face and put my hands who were with cloves deeper in my jacket pocket. Careful walking down the stairs full of snow and slippery. The darkness, the freezing cold sometime looking up to find a sign of metro,…. hungry again. Somehow I managed it to find the right subway station to my station for the transsiberian train  „Jaroslavler“ in the far east of Moscow. My backpack was there in a locker because I stored it in the morning. At the subway I was exercising my feeds to warm them. Hole day now in Moscow from early morning  arrive till now,cold, windy, food search, 10 minutes Red Square, money change, KGB and now back at the right station 30 minutes before leaving. This day was fast, cold, shocking and happy ending. Good. After I took my backpack from the locker I went to the platform where the „Transib“ was waiting. I saw a huge green monster as long so could not see the end. The red star on front center of the green locomotive was like a „Hello“ to me. Come in and enjoy seven and half day trip.