Wie und was ist der richtige Weg in der Energiepraxis?

Wie und was ist der richtige Weg in der Energiepraxis?

Mit Energiepraxis ist der komplexe Weg gemeint, das uns von Geburt an gegebene Potential, voll auszuschöpfen. Die Daoisten und die Shaolin im alten China haben dafür eine Reihe von Körper, Energie und Geist Serien/Übungen welche genau dies bewirken.

Daoyin Übungen

Qi Gong oder Chi Kung geschrieben ist mittlerweile auf der ganzen Welt zu üben. Marketingmäßig immer ähnlich angepriesen;  in mal mehr oder weniger guten Erklärungen verpackt. Ausbildungs-Institute zur Lehrerausbildung in Qi Gong sprießen wie Pilze auf Nährboden. Jeder von ihnen maßt sich an das authentische, richtige und wahre Qi Gong zu vermitteln und jeden in kurzer Zeit zum autorisierten Lehrer auszubilden. Habe mir mal die Zeit genommen und ein paar solcher Institute näher angeschaut. Erstaunlich war das die meisten Gründer sich auf ein Zertifikat eines anderen Institutes verweist. Diese Institut verweist wiederum auf ein anderes Oberinstitut welches irgend wann einmal gegründet wurde und sich als das älteste und wahre einzige nun vermarktet. Gegründet mal als Qualitätssicherung, so weit so gut. Die Gründungsmitglieder dieser Oberinstitute  Qualitätssicherung sind also die Herren die Fäden in der Hand haben. Damals bei Gründung hatten sie wenn ich mich recht erinnere 3- 5 Jahre selbst praktiziert. Wow welch Erfahrungsschatz schon damals in den Gründungsjahren 😉 hahaha. Zu dieser Zeit praktizierte ich schon über 10 Jahre täglich Qi Gong und empfand mich noch als fortgeschrittener Anfänger im Vergleich zu meinem Meister (Wong Kiew Kit). Ein anschreiben bekam ich, mich doch diesen gegründeten Dachverband anzuschließen. Ich lehnte ab da ich die Leute kannte welche nur so von Theorie sprudelnden aber wenig Praxis besaßen. Dieser Oberverband bestimmt jetzt welche Qi Gong Kurse von der Krankenkasse anerkannt werden oder nicht, wer ein autorisierter Lehrer ist oder nicht, ein hoch auf den Lobbyismus kann man da nur sagen. Natürlich ist nun Zeit vergangen und dort wurde hoffentlich auch weiter praktiziert und nicht nur ausgebildet bzw. die Qualität gesichert.

Natürlich gibt es verschieden Stufen der Suche und es muß nicht immer der Brilliant sein den wir haben wollen. Deswegen ist alles gut wie es ist. Qi Gong Kurse muß es von low level bis high level geben für die Bedürfnisse eines jeden. Aber wer oder was gibt uns eine Richtlinie in der unserer individuellen Suche?

Davon werde ich das nächste mal schreiben.


Teacher or master of an energy or spirituell art ? Part 1

Good question isn´t it ?  The confusion comes easily if you don´t know the difference and how to find points to measure. To read and belief advertisement can´t be the right for it. They are all similar, offering of course the best of the particular art for a better sell. For Qi Gong, Yoga, Taijiquan and so on many many schools with many many teachers or masters who knows where to go or why to chose this or yonder. They showing certification of their education, is that good or not ? But who knows is the organization or the person who certificate them are right or wrong or high or low a good one or a bad one.

yoga dog_s

Mhhh, so what now ? If you really interested to figure out you have to go personally to the place, studio, gym or to the person who calls him- or herself this or that. The most certification are given because the has done so and so many hours in that particular art. With this information only you can already say to 99% this is a teacher. Because nobody can master an spirituell or energetic art because of training the art for xy amount of hours. A person can of course learn the techniques what also means he or she can perform the external movement or positioning picture perfect but it does not mean the art is mastered.  To master an energy or spirituell art you have to go through your own processes energetic, mentally and spiritually. This may take years after years and no tonly xy hours.

More about will coming soon, stay tuned for part 2.

Still thoughts about Winter retreat…

Winter as we know is normally cold time. Means the body has to start the internal heater means it needs more energy (Qi) to do the job of warming well. In my clinic this is the time patients with cold, influenza or infection of throat or ears coming now most. After interview it becomes quite clear why these people are catching easily the counted diseases. Most of them where not following the nature rhythm. Like the added list (Winter mistakes) in my blog before they doing more then half of it. Explanation like: „I read in a health magazine it is good to take fresh vitamins daily via fresh fruits, fruit juice or salad in specially in winter to avoid sickness “ and I always smilingly answering: „And way you are here now if its right what the so called health or fitness magazine is saying?“ The few thousands year knowledge is proved from many critic but still existing and means it is tested from millions of humans. In the past they had no idea of vitamins or minerals but the sensitivity to be with the nature and follow the nature. The people of today are believing the magazines, newspaper and internet following the advices blind. They lost the ability to listen to actually need of their body. Qi Gong, meditation or yoga are good arts to get back to nature flow of sensitivity within our body. Of course you have to find high level teacher or master of the art for a good result. If you get more and more sensitive to your energy flow more and more your live will change even without any influence of external information. Listen and the answers will come by itself because of trained senses from your performed high level art. Trust yourself is becoming more and more a part of your live and you will less dependent of external information.

winter berge_s

eat tropical fruits > you will feel cold after

eat salad > you will feel cold after

cold drinks > you will feel cold after

Few examples who are showing easily body energy reaction. Winter outside cold and you take also inside cold means the body has to work twice as hard to warm you or to keep you healthy. Its like an army who battle against to enemies in two direction. This wrong action of the most people during the winter season is by observing and experience the main factor to get sick in the cold season.

Stay healthy and warm feed….

Autumn time …

The hot period is over and the nature is changing quite observable. Even when the german summer this year was more all the time autumn like, hahaha. But this temperature sense is the only measure point for the most of us. There is lot of changing all the time and very big changes are happen when the seasons are starting to change. Even when the human can´t see or feel it. Why it is ? There is a so called macrocosmos and microcosmos. When macrocosmos is changing the microcosmos will do it similar. There is something like a energetic connection between or correct said there is no separation. In autumn the days becoming shorter and the night longer. Means less sun, less warm the nature is getting ready for the winter pause. The last seasonal fruits getting picked up apples, pears, grapes, berries or vegetable like pumpkin or mushrooms and nuts are having their time. It is very good to eat always the seasonal food for your health and energy. These fruits or vegetables are full of the energy we need now for this particular season.


The autumn time is well known for its fast changing. The wind can create fast moves of clouds sun and rain can exchange very fast. Problem for us what to wear what to eat. So all the vegetable or fruits of this season are helping us with their specific type of energy. So leave out know the summer fruits from other countries or at least take them only a little if you can´t resist. If you can do it I´m sure you will have no or at least less health problem no or even for the coming winter.

More about that topic soon…