Das Qi Konzept (Teil 1)

Das Qi Konzept (Teil 1)

Vital Energie ist eigentlich eine gute Übersetzen des chinesischen Wortes Qi. Also eine Energie die allen Prozesse des Lebens inne ist. Diese Qi lässt unsere Herz schlagen, ist Antrieb unseres Stoffwechsels und manifestiert sich in der Bewegung des Universums. Im Daoismus werden die Menschen als der Mikrokosmos benannt und das Universum der Makrokosmos.

Man kann sagen das diese Kraft/Energie Qi seit dem Urknall auf alles wirkt. Reine Ur-Energie hat sich sich durch Zusammenballen in Materie verwandelt also Substanz erschaffen. Aus dem einen Nichts, dem Wuji entstand also eine faßbare Substanz. Im Dao ganz klar definiert: „Aus dem Einen (Wuji) wurden Zwei (Yin / Yang)“, für Mathematiker wurde es später die Null und Eins auf der sich alles andere aufbaut ;). So hat jeder Philosoph oder Religion ihre eigene Darstellung wie alles begann aber alle sind sich mehr oder weniger einig es war einmal Eins (Gott, Buddha, Allah, Dao, etc.) daraus wurde zwei und daraus entstand die Welt.


Für das praktische Leben (Mikrokosmos) gibt es in der Chinesischen Dao Philosophie weitere Einteilungen über das Qi und seine Aufgaben. Dies lässt uns tiefer in die Wirkweise der Energie (Qi) und in die Gesundheitslehre einsteigen. Prinzipiell ist man Gesund und Vital wenn die Lebensenergie ohne Beeinträchtigung seinen Aufgaben nachgehen kann. Also noch einmal wenn das Qi ungehindert / unblockiert seine Job macht ist man gesund. Nun ist die Frage was fördert unseren Qi- Fluss und was ist blockierend für unsere Vitalenergie? Wichtig zu verstehen ist das Qi fließen muss um seine Aufgaben zu erfüllen. Alles was dies verhindert oder behindert nennt man pathogene Faktoren also krankmachende Dinge. Wobei wir hier noch nicht bei einer westlich definierten Krankheit sind sondern am Ursprung jeder später definierten Krankheit. Also ganz nah dran an der Ursache einer Krankheit.

Unsere Immunsystem System ist eigentlich das Größte wenn richtig funktioniert. Kein Mensch fragt sich (außer vielleicht einige Philosophen) wie schafft es das die ganze Zeit? Diese Gedanken, wenn überhaupt machen sich dann vielleicht Menschen erst wenn sie dann Krank sind und deswegen Zeit dazu haben.

Was erhält uns gesund was macht uns oder was kann uns Krank machen, heißt eigentlich nur was fördert unseren Qi – Fluss und was behindert bzw. blockiert unsere Lebensenergie.

In Teil zwei der Qi Serie werde ich genauer darauf eingehen was förderlich für das Leben ist und was es behindern kann, welches Qi macht was mit uns und welche Qi Definitionen gibt es noch, Atmungs- Qi, Essen- Qi, Vorgeburtliches- Nachgeburtliches- Qi werden im Teil 2 des Qi Konzept dargelegt.

Keep on smiling and stay tuned

Yin Yang – reading from classics

You can read a lot about explanation of Yin Yang. Saying Yin is this and Yang is that. Most of the time the explanation is missing why it is like this. Actually the theory is to understand the world or universe or live and its action. If you start to describe something as good you should understand there exist always a opposite. You can describe the night as Yin because you know there is its opposite the day i.e. Yang for example. Same for other things like cold / hot, men / women and so on. Important is to understand that to name something in Yin or Yang the opposite is already included. The Taiji symbol (most people calling it wrongly Yin Yang sign) is showing this understanding very clear. The small spots with its counterpart color within the Yin Yang are showing this deep understanding. If you name something its like one side of a coin it includes the other side of the coin. No good without bad, no happiness without sadness and so on. The Taiji symbol is also showing the dynamic of nature which of course is including our life. Everything is changing to its opposite after it reaches is maximum. Night changes to day life changes to dead one season is changing to the next one are examples of the everlasting processes of the hole universe including our life.

drei D Yin Yang_s

Here some parts of classical texts:

‘When all people in the world know beautiful as beauty, there

appears ugliness; when they know goodness as good, there

appears evil. Therefore by opposing each other existence and

non existence come into being. Difficult and easy form

themselves, long and short are distinct high and low contrast,

sound and voice harmonize front and back emerge.’


Out of  Huang Di Nei Jing, the classics of the yellow Emporer:

Huang Di said ‘I hear heaven is yang and earth is yin. The

moon is yin. How are these joined in man (Ling Shu)?’ and

physiology ‘The clear yang forms the skies; the turbid yin the

earth. The earthly energies rise above to form clouds; the

energy of the skies descends as rain. Therefore yang comes from

the upper openings; while turbid yin comes out from the lower

openings. The clear yang develops into the texture of the skin

and the turbid yin runs back into the five Zang (Suwen).

Health preservation and treatment is aimed at establishing

harmony with the universe.

Daoist practice of everlasting life…

The way of everlasting life is a main focus of daoist practice. To go along this attitude the daoist practice are quite many depends on the school the adept is following. But the philosophy is the same. Everlasting life means not the bodily aspect. The name Immortal is for many people confusing and leads to wrong action if deeper understanding is missing.

flying cranes_s

Here are few examples for a better understanding about daoist exercises. The text is written by Xu Congshi, disciple of Wei Boyang.

 The three jewels, the real crux

The ear,the eye, the mouth- these three jewels,

block and stop them up,do not let them gape.

The truth in man lies at the very depths,

He roams wide yet guards a proper compass within.

Sight and hearing are both crooked and winding,

They function entirely together

As the pivot and lynchpin or the self,

Their movement never exhausted.

Bank up and guard the sight within,

Do not employ the ears in hearing,

Close the mouth to chattering,

With rare words out of the teeming void.

These three are the crux of the affair-

To be with a relaxed body, resting in an empty room,

Abandon the will and return to the void,

And without thinking thus find constancy.

Let signs of difficulty promote your change,

And preserve one mind without rebelling:

In bed the spirit cradled in your arms,

Alive and alert to its care or neglect.

It identifies the three keys to the inner development of an Elexir- the ear, the eye and the mouth. They correspond to the internal vitality or body essences:

Jing > body essence

Qi > vital energy

Shen > Spirit

During one`s cultivation lowering down the sensory organs. Means just reacting less or even not (mastership) of whats going on. The meaning is not to become a stone the meaning is to stay focused and relaxed within the body whatever is coming across. If you stay in this state of mind the so called „Golden Elexir“ get created. This can be done because the mind stays calm all the time and you are beyond the point where Yin and Yang gets created. Not only in meditation you should get this point, no also during the hole daily action it is also called: „Refining the Elexir or Inner alchemy“

Yang Shen Fa- Daoist Health Preservation- promoting a long and healthy live

Yang Shen Fa the art of enabling self cultivation by taking our health into our own hands.Yang Sheng Fa promotes methods of self-healing, health cultivation, and encourages a positive state of mind, ultimately leading to the preservation of one’s health, well-being, and from a practitioner’s perspective, greater focus and treatment outcomes.

There are many aspects of Chinese medicine, and Yang Sheng Fa lends itself to the branches that can be used by yourself without having to visit a Chinese Medicine practitioner. These methods include the following:

• Food Therapy / Dietary Improvements

• Herbal Supplementation

• Mind Cultivation

• Acupressure / Self Massage (Tui Na)

• Energy / Breathing Exercises (Qi Gong)

• Physical Exercise (Daoyin or Taiji)

Yang Sheng can be a way of taking advice and training on health and wellbeing, and tailor it to your own individual needs and preferences.

daoyin bagua_s

In my clinic for Classical Chinese Medicine a growing number of  patients asking for live and health guidance. This is actually very good because by guidance of daily live like it is named  at Yang Sheng Fa the speed up of to get healthy is really visible. After the patients get back their health and they keep on going on the Yang Sheng Fa principles they can keep their health and enjoy their live.

Here some quotes from Chinese classics:

Mind Cultivation

“Temperance in the emotions can prolong life”

Gong Tingxian, Ming Dynasty (Longevity and Life Preservation)

“It is man himself, not Heaven, who governs his life,

and he who abuses himself dies young, while he who takes

good care of himself enjoys a long life”.

Gao Lian, Ming dynasty

Daoyin Exercise

“Aging does not occur with bodily movement”

Lu Shi Chun Qiu (Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals)

Health in way of daoism

Health is by definition of daoist concepts the harmony of Yin and Yang. Yin is related to the Xue (blood) and Yang to Qi (vital energy). Importance is the understanding and the practice of Yin Yang harmony by adjustment to the so called macrocosmos. The day cycle and and cycle of the year. We cannot harmonize Yin Yang internally by going or live the opposite of the nature. It is strengthen us to follow the nature rhythm and if we are following the way of nature we gonna have prevention of illness. Prevention is a big part of Chinese medicine who got his main influence from daoist wisdom and their thousands of years of experience.

Daoist Zeichnung

Following advices for prevention of illness is given by the daoist philosophy:

  • strengthen the constitution (Jing)
  • adjustment to the seasons by clothes and diet
  • adherence of day and night rhythm
  • modest handling with your energy balance
  • modest sexual activity
  • emotional balance
  • take care of the kidneys as a storage for your Qi
  • right diet meant by your personal type and seasonal
  • regular meals, not to opulent, easy to digest and thermic balanced.