Health in way of daoism

Health is by definition of daoist concepts the harmony of Yin and Yang. Yin is related to the Xue (blood) and Yang to Qi (vital energy). Importance is the understanding and the practice of Yin Yang harmony by adjustment to the so called macrocosmos. The day cycle and and cycle of the year. We cannot harmonize Yin Yang internally by going or live the opposite of the nature. It is strengthen us to follow the nature rhythm and if we are following the way of nature we gonna have prevention of illness. Prevention is a big part of Chinese medicine who got his main influence from daoist wisdom and their thousands of years of experience.

Daoist Zeichnung

Following advices for prevention of illness is given by the daoist philosophy:

  • strengthen the constitution (Jing)
  • adjustment to the seasons by clothes and diet
  • adherence of day and night rhythm
  • modest handling with your energy balance
  • modest sexual activity
  • emotional balance
  • take care of the kidneys as a storage for your Qi
  • right diet meant by your personal type and seasonal
  • regular meals, not to opulent, easy to digest and thermic balanced.

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