The way it is…

„Pain is inevitable suffering is optional“ Buddha

We are alive and we have a body, we do have emotions and we have mind so far so good.

How does it work?


„Mind creates reality“ Buddha


Because of the body mind connection we creating our own personal bodily sensations by just thinking or name  situations in positiv or negative or like or dislike. It means you are by your own responsible how you feel, i.g. suffer or happiness.

For example you drinking a good bottle of wine and after while the bottle is half done. Now there are two main internal human thinking actions:

a) Yeah… very good still a half bottle to drink

b) Ohhhhh…only half left

In case a) the body will feel light with good sensations. Because this is how the body is reacting on so called happy feelings.

If the mind becomes negative like in case b) bodily sensation are more heavy and more tensed.

In terms of suffering both can be the same in both cases. In example a) some want to have back this yeah very good feeling sensations and starts craving for it. If that person can´t repeat it suffering starts. In example b) its similar the person do not like so much the created sensations and inner disquiet and starts to suffer because of it.

If you can keep your mind monolog quite means with no assessment you are in a state to enjoy fully alive the wine. You are 100% in the particular moment fully aware and how you experience the external reality within you body. If you are able understand that you are the one who has responsibility how you feel you toward to a more happy live.

It is like it is…mind interpretation can´t see it but is creating sensations. These sensations are creating again your like or dislike. Interrupting that circle means inner peace and happiness.

Chin Chin

Teacher or master of an energy or spirituell art ? Part 1

Good question isn´t it ?  The confusion comes easily if you don´t know the difference and how to find points to measure. To read and belief advertisement can´t be the right for it. They are all similar, offering of course the best of the particular art for a better sell. For Qi Gong, Yoga, Taijiquan and so on many many schools with many many teachers or masters who knows where to go or why to chose this or yonder. They showing certification of their education, is that good or not ? But who knows is the organization or the person who certificate them are right or wrong or high or low a good one or a bad one.

yoga dog_s

Mhhh, so what now ? If you really interested to figure out you have to go personally to the place, studio, gym or to the person who calls him- or herself this or that. The most certification are given because the has done so and so many hours in that particular art. With this information only you can already say to 99% this is a teacher. Because nobody can master an spirituell or energetic art because of training the art for xy amount of hours. A person can of course learn the techniques what also means he or she can perform the external movement or positioning picture perfect but it does not mean the art is mastered.  To master an energy or spirituell art you have to go through your own processes energetic, mentally and spiritually. This may take years after years and no tonly xy hours.

More about will coming soon, stay tuned for part 2.

Meditation journey…

Practice, practice practice….is the important phrase in meditation. To understand deeply the meaning of it its necessary to follow the advice. Of course different people start to practice  meditation because of different aims. The aims can be following:

  • learn to relax
  • understand yourself better
  • learn to control your mind / emotions
  • as a stress resolver
  • curiosity
  • enlightenment


Just to name only few. There is almost in every culture a kind of meditation practice in very big variation of depth and or needs of the difference of humans. But I can say in around 30 years of my meditation journey  in comparison there are mainly three levels of in almost all mediation practice.

  1. the relax level
  2. self understanding level
  3. be one with God, Goddess, Buddha, Allah, Manitu, Cosmos or the one and so on

So many humans with so many different needs thats why are so many several meditation arts existing. The motivation to bring individual needs into action can be quite varied.  A friend was telling you about, you read a book or journal where mediation gets explained for what it is good for.  If you start to search for a meditation seminar to learn it or looking for schools or master to practice it then you can actually say the friend or the book / journal is/ was your first spirituell guide. The friend or the book or journal writer was opening a new way to live or act the world and or looking behind the mind limitation. Opening ones spirituell path is a like to create a good karma for yourself. Bring humans to a deeper understanding by experience not by thinking only is quite a high level good action. My first spirituell guide was Herman Hesse with the book „Siddhartha“. Once in while I take it this 30 year old book who is yellowish by age already with coffee and food spots on it smelling like historical looking at it and saying by heart thank you.

Do you remember when and or because of what  your spirituell interests or journey was starting ? Would be interesting to read or hear your comments about…..

Soon some practical tips will written by me, so stay tuned …..

Grundlagen der Achtsamkeit…Sattipatthana Sutta_ short cut

Dieses Sutta hat Buddha selbst als den Pfad bezeichnet der es jeden Menschen ermöglicht Frieden in Körper und Geist zu finden; Kummer und Leid zu tilgen des weiteren höchste Einsicht und vollkommene Befreiung zu erlangen.

Hier die Essenz des Sattipatthana Sutta oder auch „Sutra über die Vier Grundlagen der Achtsamkeit:

Man nimmt achtsam alles wahr; im Körper, in den Empfindungen, im Geist sowie den Objekten des Geistes. Dies nennt man auch Bewusstheit in jedem Moment.

  • Körper beobachten> den Atem und die vier Körperhaltungen> im gehen, liegen, stehen, sitzen ist sich dabei allen Körperteilen bewusst. Muskeln, Knochen, Haut und Haar der inneren Organe, Knochenmark, Speichel und Schweiß. Den körperlichen Zerfall.


  • Empfindungen beobachten> wann sie entstehen, sich entwickeln und vergehen; angenehm, unangenehm oder neutral; Ursprung ist entweder der Körper oder Geist, schaut genau hin so könnt ihr die Empfindung besänftigen und ihren Ursprung wahrnehmen

Hier kann man klar erkennen das für eine große Aufmerksamkeit die Meditation bzw. Aufmerksamkeitszustand unabdingbar ist um sich diesen feinstofflichen in der tiefe gewahr zu sein.


  • Geist beobachten> wissen, erfahren im welchen Zustand der Geist sich gerade befindet; ist er konzentriert, verwirrt,schläfrig oder zornig, begehrt er was oder nicht, wir sind uns dessen durch unsere Aufmerksamkeit bewusst. Man kennt seinen Geisteszustand der im gegenwärtigen Moment entsteht und sich seiner Bewusst.


  • Geistesobjekte beobachten>  die fünf Hindernisse der Befreiung (Sinnesbegierde, Feindseligkeit,Trägheit, Ruhelosigkeit, Bewusstsein) wann immer sie erscheinen; die fünf Skandhas die die Persönlichkeit ausmachen(Körper, Empfindungen, Wahrnehmungen, Geistesregungen, Bewusstsein); die sechs Sinnesorgane und Sinnesobjekte; sieben Faktoren des Erwachens (Volle Aufmerksamkeit, Dharma- Ergründung, Energie, Freude, Wohlgefühl, Konzentration und Gleichmut) und die „Vier edlen Wahrheiten“. Dies alles sind die Objekte des Geistes.




True nature…

my first try to write my blog in english so will see how it goes…if its doesn´t fit I gonna change while writing again to my mother tongue hahaha

The „true nature“ what does it mean ? Many time reading it in spirituell books or was hearing it at lectures. Example:

Unless you see your true nature , you shouldn´t go around criticizing the goodness of others

Buddha& Lotus

Good and bad are distinct. Cause and effect are clear. All/ most mortals are unaware because of the heaviness of their Karma. They creating their own good and bad as well cause and effect. You can see things positive or negative. Like> the bottle is already half empty > negative or  ahh the bottle is still half full > positive. The Zen master is seeing the bottle and ? is just drinking …. Mind creates the reality for us. The meaning of your reality in this examples is the judgement with emotions. And this is not the reality at all, the bottle don´t cares about your positive or negative thoughts or speech. A bottle is a bottle and flower is just a flower and so on. To see and judge makes life positive or negative if you understand this you will come closer to the ultimate truth. Oneness with constant flow in a deep aware state of mind….so be happy… its on youhuhuhu