About Chinese Tea

Following the ancient wisdom of Chinese philosophy you should assimilate your intake according to the seasons. In the case of tea you should know which one is the best for which season. There are teas who are more cooling aspects and teas with warming aspects.

To understand it better its good to have an idea which sort of tea is available and which differences are between.

Actually their are three main types of  tea:

  • green tea (included white one)
  • red tea (half fermented)
  • black tea (full fermented)

Green Tea is called Lu Cha and its undergone only a little oxidation. It is getting collected in spring time. In spring the tea leaves are still very young and is given the best taste. Soon after picking the leaves undergoing a quick heat applying. This process reducing about 70% of the water the last 30% getting air tried. This is the best method to keep the natural taste. Green tea by itself has cooling aspect so the best time of course would be the summer to drink.

chinese teasRed tea are the teas who are undergoing a half fermentation or better said oxidation process. This process is to make the tea encyme and its ingredients working better. Because of this process the color of the tea leaves gonna change into dark. Depend on the tea the degree of oxidation can have between 5 % – 80%. The most popular „red teas“ are Oolong tea or Puh Erh tea. The category „red tea“ is a just because of its reddish color after preparation and it is actually not really a own tea category.  In China the family tea group get called Qing Cha. This tea is called energetic neutral and can be drunk the hole seasons.

Explanation about the black tea soon.

3 Kommentare zu „About Chinese Tea

  1. Hey master Kai.

    In a more micro scale, drinking different teas during the day would be wise?

    For instance, green tea during the day to energize. Camomile during the night to calm down?

    Thanks for all your posts,


    1. Thank you Jorge for your interests and for the question.

      The main thing for me is following the nature (Dao). Every year, month or day got its own. To follow the year is most easy just follow the seasons. Warming tea for cold seasons and cooling one for hot season. Good enough to start. Monthly or even daily changes of energy is difficult to understand and hard to practice. So keep it simple. For people who like to go for the path of Dao they should study under a master to get well leaded and guided.
      If you got interested in have look here:

      all the best


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