Journey to the east …searching for real master

From Budapest > Ticket in my pocket on the way to Moscow to catch the transsiberian train. Looking out of the train window at the horizon the lights of Budapest are getting smaller until nothing left. Anyway very cold because  end of november wintertime so closing the window and walk to my cabin to sleep. I was sharing the cabin with this crazy japanese guy who was crossing almost hole Asia to cross Europe by motorbike. The rhythmically sound of  the traveling train let me fall to sleep fast and easy.

train black and white_s

I woke up because the train was stopping and the travelers on the train became busy. The stop was because we reach in the middle of the night the boarder to Russia today its Ukraine. The custom officer were giving the passenger visa application to fill in and for getting the right to enter Russia. I was realy tired and still half sleeping. Somehow the I understand that the visa application was written in Cyriillic script. The officer who could not speak in english was trying by hand and feed to let me understand to get the application in english from the stationmaster. Ok I was jumping with naked feed into my boots, swung my parka over my shoulder and slurping out to look for the stationmaster. Soldiers were guarding the entrance to the station and I was explaining what I and the japanese  have to do. After they were open the gate I was a bit shocked. Hundreds or more of people were sitting on the station floor  so many that even walking was quite difficult. Young and old and whole families waiting, sitting, eating or were sleeping on the floor. Behind us the gate was falling closed and soldiers disappeared. Still looking for the office of the stationmaster I realized that my train was leaving the station. For a moment my brain was so shocked and for moment really empty. Later in came in my mind this feeling of emptiness  must be the meditation state of mind. After the first shock was over I tried like crazy to figure out what was going on. Nobody who could speak english but tried again and again to find somebody. But no luck. Then the second shock because I realize that I forget all my papers and my money in the cabin under my pillow stored in my money belt. Now I can laugh about but in this situation I was closer to start crying. After the emptiness of my brain a Tsunami of thoughts where fighting in my head. Like…seven days…everything over already, could not even start my search for a master …how to come home…no money no honey…whom to talk… where, what, how… and so on. Then a tap on my shoulder the japanese was smiling and was offering me a american cigarette smilingly. With following sentence while lighting my cigarette: “ Don´t worry my friend on my two years of traveling I had worse situations and I survived it like you see.“ With a big hollywood like smile he was blowing out the smoke.



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