Elevated blood lipids or Cholesterol how to lower them….

There is a saying: „The human is as healthy like his blood vessels“. If you don´t watch out about your food intake for years your blood and vessels are not in best condition. A lot of people got elevated blood lipids. The Traditional Chinese Medicine is using the „Oyster Mushroom“ for balancing the high level cholesterol.  The oyster mushroom is  enhancing the blood circulation and is binding the blood lipids.

Oyster mushroom


> 1kg oyster mushroom for around 20 days

cutting it in racer thin slices, store it on paper and turn them often for few days until their complete dry, from the 1kg maybe only 100 gram left by weight, grind it in a mortar, store it dark in glass jar,

> take everyday one teaspoon, add it into your food or with hot water

Wish a healthy live

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