Good, now we know the Traditional Chinese Medicine had its the main influence from deep knowledge thousands of years of observation and the deep spirituell experience of daoist practitioner.

Autumn time is the lung time. The lung is the organ who disperse the Qi within the body and is nourishing the skin . To strengthen the lung you should especial take car of it in autumn time. Autumn is like I said before is the time where you can help the lung for increase its power because by nature the lung is ready to gathering it better in that time.  To help the lung in its work you can take care more by yourself in you skin. If do it the lung can have rest and store its energy. Sauna is for example good now to do and using creams after it and after shower is announced know.. More laughing as counterpart of the so called autumn melancholy. Many people suffering about the autumn melancholy because they are aware know of caducity. The summer is gone, the leaves falling down, the colors changing all this changing is the reason that quite many people mood is changing into a kind of melancholy or even depression. Lot of people catching now a flu or cold. The reason of it wrong diet still taken the summer food like salad, fruit juice, fruits from hot countries. With this kind of diet you open the doors and welcome the cold and the wind. Cold and wind are the factors for many diseases.

herbstblatt cartoon_s
smile even when falling down..

One golden rule for health :  Take in the opposite of the present weather

Simple rule but don´t take it to serious but the tendency should be in toward to this golden rule. Beside all this don´t forget the fun like so many health freaks are doing. These kind of people looking sick even they are absolutely doing everything right  from the diet aspect. Bon appetite

stay tuned for next autumn informations

Autumn…part 2

After we understand to eat seasonal food and regional food to do something good for your health and vitality I should go deeper in giving you information about enhance your live with the daoist wisdom. Many or most of the knowledge in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) were coming from the daoist ancestors who lived with their practical wisdom a long live span by comparison with ordinary people in that time. Observing the nature again and again, years after years, and from generation to generation it became a very solid practical theory. In a time when an ordinary person lived 35-45 years in average many daoist were reaching a age between 80 – 100 years and also over 100 years.

Following analogy for autumn:

Element: metal

  • Zang- Organ: lung
  • Fu- Organ: large intestine
  • Taste: hot
  • Emotion: sorrow
  • Color: white


If we take a look at the analogy we can see the lung got its power time. Means it is good if you have some lung problems or diseases to help the lung to strengthen or to recover. In my clinic the time is coming to do some special treatments for people with allergy, asthma or similar diseases. To strengthen the lung when the lung energy is the best means in autumn.

For people who like to avoid to catch cold or flu is autumn the best time to take care of the lung system. With correct diet.

How and what to do soon here….

Ingwer Heilung / Ginger healing digestion

Noch ist das Ingwer Thema nicht ausgereizt, hier noch einige Tips für Anwendungen mit dieser tollen Pflanze.


Ingwer bei akuten Magen-Darmentzündung

Großes Stück abschneiden und in hochprozentigen klaren Schnaps eintunken. Damit dann Arme und Beine einreiben. Wenn ein Hitzegefühl entsteht aufhören. Dies wiederhole 2-3 X am Tag. Gleichzeitig ca. 50g Ingwer und 100g schwarzer Tee in einer Pfanne ohne Fett rösten. Beides dann gemischt in ein Schraubglas. Zur Anwendung nimmt man ca, 3g brüht dieses auf und trinkt es 3X am Tag.

Ingwer bei Durchfall

Pro Portion 6g Grüne Teeblätter und 3g Ingwerpulver mit kochendem Wasser übergießen. Dies 10 Minuten ziehen lassen danach abseihen und heiß trinken/schlürfen.


Ingwerrezept bei Brechdurchfall

Wässrigen Reisschleim oder Congee kochen und mit einigen Tropfen frischen Ingwersaft beträufeln und in kleinen Portionen warm essen.

Hier noch eignes wissenswertes über die Ingwer- Pflanze welche schon seit Jahrtausenden in China in der Ernährungslehre und Medizin genutzt wird.

  • thermisches Verhalten > warm
  • Geschmacksrichtung > scharf
  • Meridianbezug > Milz, Magen, Lunge
  • Wirkung > wärmt die Mitte, stärkt Magen, entkrampft und vertreibt Kälte  

So jetzt nichts wie los und ran an den Ingwer. Nie ohne sollte die Küche ausgestattet sein denn wie man sieht schier endlos ihre Anwendung. Weiters bald hier ….