Yin Yang – reading from classics

You can read a lot about explanation of Yin Yang. Saying Yin is this and Yang is that. Most of the time the explanation is missing why it is like this. Actually the theory is to understand the world or universe or live and its action. If you start to describe something as good you should understand there exist always a opposite. You can describe the night as Yin because you know there is its opposite the day i.e. Yang for example. Same for other things like cold / hot, men / women and so on. Important is to understand that to name something in Yin or Yang the opposite is already included. The Taiji symbol (most people calling it wrongly Yin Yang sign) is showing this understanding very clear. The small spots with its counterpart color within the Yin Yang are showing this deep understanding. If you name something its like one side of a coin it includes the other side of the coin. No good without bad, no happiness without sadness and so on. The Taiji symbol is also showing the dynamic of nature which of course is including our life. Everything is changing to its opposite after it reaches is maximum. Night changes to day life changes to dead one season is changing to the next one are examples of the everlasting processes of the hole universe including our life.

drei D Yin Yang_s

Here some parts of classical texts:

‘When all people in the world know beautiful as beauty, there

appears ugliness; when they know goodness as good, there

appears evil. Therefore by opposing each other existence and

non existence come into being. Difficult and easy form

themselves, long and short are distinct high and low contrast,

sound and voice harmonize front and back emerge.’


Out of  Huang Di Nei Jing, the classics of the yellow Emporer:

Huang Di said ‘I hear heaven is yang and earth is yin. The

moon is yin. How are these joined in man (Ling Shu)?’ and

physiology ‘The clear yang forms the skies; the turbid yin the

earth. The earthly energies rise above to form clouds; the

energy of the skies descends as rain. Therefore yang comes from

the upper openings; while turbid yin comes out from the lower

openings. The clear yang develops into the texture of the skin

and the turbid yin runs back into the five Zang (Suwen).

Health preservation and treatment is aimed at establishing

harmony with the universe.

still talks about autumn…

If we want look deeper at the energy aspect of autumn we just have to observe how the nature is doing at that season. The three month of autumn also called time of collection and adjustment. The Qi of heaven is pressure and the Qi of earth is gorgeous. Autumn is the time of crop.

The Chinese character of autumn shows:  growing grain and fire


The meaning is under the summer heat the grains are mature and after crop the Chinese were burning the left stubble field.

Following advices are written in Su Wen a part of Huang Di Neijing the „Yellow emperor´s classics of medicine“:

  • Go early sleep and stand up early, you should follow the cock action
  • Gather the mind and calm down the Qi to balance the bear of autumn
  • leave your will in peace and in calmness

This is the right action you should take in accord to autumn for storing and collecting your Qi.

More collection of autumn wisdom is coming soon…

Warum manche Diäten nicht wirken ….Teil 2, Why Diets sometimes not working

Also die Sichtweise  der chinesischen „Fünf Elementen“ Anwendung mit dem Magenfeuer sollte uns klar machen das für eine gute Verstoffwechselung, es von Nöten ist, dieses Feuer zu unterstützen. Wie ? Ganz klar indem wir ihm das beste Brennholz geben und nichts was ihm die Arbeit erschwert, heißt > nicht kleiner werden lässt. Nur wenn der Magen gut Funktioniert kann die Energie (Gu-Qi) optimal aus der Nahrung gelöst und dem Körper zugeführt werden. 

Ich fange mal damit an Lebensmittel in (Magenschwächer) „Feuerschwächer“ und (Magenstärker)“Ölinsfeuer“ zu erläutern. Ölinsfeuer bedeutet die so genannte Mitte zu stärken und somit dem Magen/ Milz (die Mitte) zu helfen ihren Job optimal auszuführen.




Mitte (Magen/Milz) Booster Regeln / Ölinsfeuer- Regeln:

Regel Nummer 1: hauptsächlich schon gekochte / gedünstete  und warme Nahrung zu sich nehmen

Regel Nummer 2: nur drei Mahlzeiten am besten zur gleichen Zeit, keine so genannten Zwischenmahlzeiten

Regel Nummer 3: nehme dir genügend Zeit für deine Mahlzeiten

Na gut  der Anfang ist schon mal gemacht, kann ich nur hoffen das dies einem nicht auf den Magen schlägt……

Regel Nummer  ?:  ist beim nächtsen mal drann