search for a real master…

My brain went close to crazy so many thoughts in a split of a second where popping up. The heartbeat was speeding up like a machinegun and on my forehead sweating drops appeared. I turned my head to look again to the guy at the other room but the door was closed already from an officer. Monotonous the voice of the translating woman where entering my ears: „Is this the man, is this man who was changing the money…“, between the monotonous questioning I could hear one officer talking or do some order to the translator in russian. Then for while no sound in the room, no talk no questions the room feels like before an explosion…silence and could feel and even hear my heartbeat. Suddenly…bhäämmm a folder was smashed on the table.

„Mr.“ the officer start to talk in broken english and pointing with the index finger to the folder „we know you like to travel by train to China tonight and you really like too, right ?. Better tell us the true or…“, …..silence….“ you gonna stay here till we get the right answer and no train tonight, you understand ?“

My thoughts flashing over, how in hell they know it?, I did not tell them anything about. The officer still were pointing with the index finger at the folder. The other officer was still checking my passport with a loupe. The female translator was flashing a cigarette and blowing the smoke. And  I felt so small in that moment. „Your decision“, the female translator whispered between blowing her smoke. Ok, Ok a decision, a decision…  suddenly a phrase came into my mind:

A Samurai makes his decision within seven steps, Hagakure   

I open my mouth and following spoken sentence was heard: „Yes he was the one“. The translator just said: „We know, he get already observed long time but know with a value of a western foreigner we can close now our folder about him and he will get his punishment.“  

Now everything become quick. I signed the journal get my pass board back as well the Rubel I changed illegal and was guided by an officer to the entrance of the KGB building. The cold blowing snow wind was entering the openings of my jacket. I drop down my head not get the full snow wind in my face and put my hands who were with cloves deeper in my jacket pocket. Careful walking down the stairs full of snow and slippery. The darkness, the freezing cold sometime looking up to find a sign of metro,…. hungry again. Somehow I managed it to find the right subway station to my station for the transsiberian train  „Jaroslavler“ in the far east of Moscow. My backpack was there in a locker because I stored it in the morning. At the subway I was exercising my feeds to warm them. Hole day now in Moscow from early morning  arrive till now,cold, windy, food search, 10 minutes Red Square, money change, KGB and now back at the right station 30 minutes before leaving. This day was fast, cold, shocking and happy ending. Good. After I took my backpack from the locker I went to the platform where the „Transib“ was waiting. I saw a huge green monster as long so could not see the end. The red star on front center of the green locomotive was like a „Hello“ to me. Come in and enjoy seven and half day trip.     

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