the search for a real master…

The illumination of the Kremlin clear away behind me after few minutes walking. I forgot the cold and the freezing wind around me so much adrenalin get produced. Even start to sweat between these big closemouthed men who were guiding me to the police station. Together we were entering after 10 minutes walking a huge Stalin time building it was the headquarters of KGB now the organization is named FSB. 

KGB Haus Mosc

The two officers brought still no talking to me  in a small room with only one table in center and two chairs. On the table only a black telephone who was looking like from other century and black desk light. One of the two guys was pointing on a chair to show me to sit down and took place at the door case. The other one was somehow disappeared. Later I understood he was organizing a translator for me. Time enough to look around but actually nothing to see only dirty wallpaper an old exposed radiator who strong enough to warm the small room who had no fresh air and was stinky a bid moldy. Twenty minutes later a woman also in civil dress entered the room. She was my translator and had not even one smile during the examination. From the adjoining room I heard loud shoutings and ounce in a while slapping sound mixed from a human groan with pain. My hands were getting wet and some drops of sweat were landing on the desk while one of the officers throw a bind document on the desk. The in front of me sitting female translator was starting her work to translate the questions and talks of the officer who was walking up and down in front of me all the time. Very seldom he was stopping to look in my face very close. So close that I could smell his empty stomach mixed with a breeze of bad coffee. The desk light was now turned toward to my face and cannot remember who has done it. The heat entered my face and now I could not see anymore. The light was so bright that I had to squint my eyes and everything around became black and I had orient myself where the officer was by  his voice. Suddenly the side door get opened and I could see into the room. What I saw was quit choking me. The guy who was changing the money was sitting with handcuff both arms behind his back. The face was red from blood and a swollen for a second we get in eye contact. His eyes were begging; please don´t tell.

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