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Here it is the Zen wisdom of knowing and not knowing or better just do it. If you try to catch it you will suddenly wake up in a storm of your monkey mind means busy mind.

Just read in mindfulness because this is the door of the present moment. Better without criticism or judgment but with your full attention. So just shut all senses and breath and catch it or not hahaha


  • If we are facing in the right direction, all we have to do is keep on walking.
  • When Im eating I´m eating, when I´m sleeping I´m sleeping, when I´m drinking I´m drinking…mhhh thats it?
  • open the mind and shut the mouth
  • do not judge and you will find peace within
  • it is like it is
  • Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water, after enlightenment chop wood, carry water. 

search for a real master…

In the right rail toward to my favorite world yellow red restaurant I was thinking about my political approach. At least a political system should be able to feed the public was my self giving answer. In western countries since second world war nothing like this was happen anymore. We western people always can get at least something to eat without any problem. Beside my mind blabla the loudspeakers were shouting the announcement of the stations but anyway I could not understand it. The noise level around me and the foreign language and the fuzzy roar voice from speakers, I´m shure everybody knows what I´m talking about. Better not even listen to the loudspeaker announcement better counting the stations for safety. Somehow I managed it without to get lost and I went off the train. Engage myself into the mainstream of train leaving people and following them like a robot toward to the surface of Moscow. During my walking up the steps  I realized people who were standing in line close to the wall of the steps. On the cold windy surface still the line up people.


Ice cream in winter > best hahaha

I was following the tip of the young fellow how to find MC Donald. Walking in the icy wind around a corner of a huge building, still line up people next building still icy wind and the queue. Last building last corner of it who I was passing then I was a kind of paralyzed and my mouth decide to get open wide. The icy wind was frozen my teeth and it was close to breath ice cubes. The line up from the metro station is the one for…. nooooo it can not be came into my mind. But it was reality… so walking back to the metro station down the steps and lining up like the others on a empty stomach. The time was passing by and it was noon already and the stomach growl was getting louder. Step by step but very slowly the queue moved forward almost nobody was talking to busy to stay warm by moving from one leg to the other. At 1.30pm means 1,5h after queue up I was able to see the entrance with word wide known sign of McD. Finger- and food tips I could´t feel anymore and it was difficult to move hands and feed and would somebody touching my nose it will fall down like a peace of icicle same with my ears. Now I was really happy for the gift of a friend of mine, long underwear. What a lovely gift…I was thinking…next time I will met him a big hug will be for shure…During my waiting I was observing still in big distance the scene in front of MC entrance. Military post were standing in front at were controlling with weapons the in and out of people. Means two people out > two people in and not allowing by military power that any chaos or fighting for food will start.  Step by step coming closer to the MC entrance and ounce in while when somebody was open the entrance door a light smell of food was blowing over.  Immediately the smell was touching my olfactory nerve the mouth starts watering like fire workers in action. Had to swallow my saliva or it would trop out of my mouth. During a swallow action I was thinking how fast some can change if the circumstances is pushing. To change from McD hating to saliva injection took me only 15h of hunger. Is this political correct ?

Zen Wisdom / Zen Quotes

  • If you’re attached to anything, you surely will go far astray.
  • Everyday life is the way.
  • If you understand, things are just as they are; if you do not understand, things are just as they are !!!
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  • Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Being totally busy is a wasteful way of living.
  • Being totally busy is a wasteful way of living.
  • Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.


search for a real master…

Still very early in the morning I was in the flow of the workers. Very, very busy at that time in every Metro station I was following the in and out at almost every station to catch the individual art of it. Sometimes I felt like somebody who working against the normal live flow by just looking around and stand in someones way. I took always the opportunity to move up and look around for something to eat because my hunger was getting stronger and stronger. After so many hours no food because I did not eat at the train because waiting for chance to have a luxury metropolitan World city breakfast with Caviar and Crimea sparkling wine, hahaha it was just a dream at this time. It took me around ten station of in and out to realize for my self no food at all. Bakery, butcher or other small shop have been empty but they have been open and I was thinking for what in hell they are. Now I decide to ask someone where to go to find something to.


Moskow 3 U Bahn


There must be places like this around how the people gonna survive. One busy person after the other I was asking most of them not even where stopping to listen proper or maybe they did not understand me and keep on walking with fast footsteps. Moscow cold, grey,windy, dirty, unfriendly City came into my mind and still no food since my arrival five hours ago. Finally a young man around my age could speak english and gave me a shocking answer. Since month very difficult to get something to eat here in Moscow. And he was telling for finding something to eat fast better visit Mc Donald who had open exactly when the crisis starts. The only place he was telling here who got still and always full shelving. During his talk he was really ashamed and he was looking always left and right like someone is observing him. For me the world crashed down. I was a big fan of socialist countries and the heroes Mao, Lenin, Fidel Castro and Che and somehow against the capitalistic Systems. And now after hours of no food I decide to visit my most hated „restaurant“. With shaking hand I said good by to the young fellow. Walking the paper in the hand who showed me where to go and which Metro line I had to take I turned around to look again to my helper but he was already plunge in grey mass of people. Ok, my yellow red friend Donald I´m coming even not by choice.



search for a real master….

Out of the train station I had to close all articel of my clothing. The wind was frosty blowing and I felt like my face could not make any grimace  because of the minus 20 temperature. Still dark because of the early morning hours and every single breath I took felt inside of my lung like I´m ice cupe machine. Darksome faces were passing me in fast long steps without looking up. It seems to me everybody here is living on its own world. I tried few times to stop somebody for asking the way to the Metro. Very funny try out because nearly nobody was speaking my only two languages I know, german or english. After around thirty icy minutes some could understand what I´m looking for and he was pointing in a direction where to go to find the right Metro line.  During his explanation I was observing his mustache. It was full of icicle and during his talking they were bouncing like small snowmans. His broken english was understandable and I was happy plus grateful for it. Toward to the Metro I was realizing that my way to walk was already adapted to the Moscow people. Head down, looking at foot walk, shoulders up, dog-collar, both hands in my pockets even with hand cloves, once in a while cock eyed from down to check my direction or latern who crossing my path. Suddenly the entrance of the Metro appear and I walked down the step who were covered with half melted and dirty grey snow. Inside of the Metro I saw first time the glorious Metro station and it came into my mind to stop at every Metro station to examine the art.


Moskau orginal Foto

I felt as the only one who are interested to the Metro art the other humans where rushing just through. Then I remember of course I´m tourist here in a fucking cold and busy metropole called Moscow. It was still quite early and think it was around seven in the morning and I was disturbing more or less the flow of workers during my examination of the famous Moscow Metro art. Many time I have got a body check from rushing people on the way to their work. The oldest Metro line from around 1936 this is the one with beautiful arts and I was visiting almost all of the old stations from the thirteen. In and out from station to station after 2h or so my stomach gave me to understand its breakfast time. Still in european mood just go and have breakfast. First time since my arrival in Moscow I started to look for something to eat. Now the real Odyssey was starting. Focused now like a hunter looking for something to eat after hole night and morning without. Looking left looking right all the shops with food have been empty. May be that I´m on wrong side or area of Moscow ? No food store or shop I was passing had anything to offer. My stomach started to roar already like a Lion but no food in sight. It was 1989 and would be better now for me when I had read the news back in Frankfurt. Because this was the year when Sowjet Union had problem with the harvest because the hard weather destroy more the two third of the harvest. It was so hard that even western countries where donating to help the Sowjet Union. This human action was the start of the ending „Cold War“.


Grundlagen der Achtsamkeit…Sattipatthana Sutta_ short cut

Dieses Sutta hat Buddha selbst als den Pfad bezeichnet der es jeden Menschen ermöglicht Frieden in Körper und Geist zu finden; Kummer und Leid zu tilgen des weiteren höchste Einsicht und vollkommene Befreiung zu erlangen.

Hier die Essenz des Sattipatthana Sutta oder auch „Sutra über die Vier Grundlagen der Achtsamkeit:

Man nimmt achtsam alles wahr; im Körper, in den Empfindungen, im Geist sowie den Objekten des Geistes. Dies nennt man auch Bewusstheit in jedem Moment.

  • Körper beobachten> den Atem und die vier Körperhaltungen> im gehen, liegen, stehen, sitzen ist sich dabei allen Körperteilen bewusst. Muskeln, Knochen, Haut und Haar der inneren Organe, Knochenmark, Speichel und Schweiß. Den körperlichen Zerfall.


  • Empfindungen beobachten> wann sie entstehen, sich entwickeln und vergehen; angenehm, unangenehm oder neutral; Ursprung ist entweder der Körper oder Geist, schaut genau hin so könnt ihr die Empfindung besänftigen und ihren Ursprung wahrnehmen

Hier kann man klar erkennen das für eine große Aufmerksamkeit die Meditation bzw. Aufmerksamkeitszustand unabdingbar ist um sich diesen feinstofflichen in der tiefe gewahr zu sein.


  • Geist beobachten> wissen, erfahren im welchen Zustand der Geist sich gerade befindet; ist er konzentriert, verwirrt,schläfrig oder zornig, begehrt er was oder nicht, wir sind uns dessen durch unsere Aufmerksamkeit bewusst. Man kennt seinen Geisteszustand der im gegenwärtigen Moment entsteht und sich seiner Bewusst.


  • Geistesobjekte beobachten>  die fünf Hindernisse der Befreiung (Sinnesbegierde, Feindseligkeit,Trägheit, Ruhelosigkeit, Bewusstsein) wann immer sie erscheinen; die fünf Skandhas die die Persönlichkeit ausmachen(Körper, Empfindungen, Wahrnehmungen, Geistesregungen, Bewusstsein); die sechs Sinnesorgane und Sinnesobjekte; sieben Faktoren des Erwachens (Volle Aufmerksamkeit, Dharma- Ergründung, Energie, Freude, Wohlgefühl, Konzentration und Gleichmut) und die „Vier edlen Wahrheiten“. Dies alles sind die Objekte des Geistes.




search for real master….

The sun up rising, the fog and the from snow covered white landscape were passing by like unreal pictures. Like in an art gallery the pics creating emotion within the body, the heart beat was speeding up while observing the closer coming scenario of Moscow. The passengers of the train were becoming busy and the few still sleeping ones deciding now to stand up also. The queue in front of the washing room were crowing and the chatting of the queue people ? I can say it was a lot and loud but no idea what about. More and more I understood this kind of nonverbal conversation will be my companion during my on going traveling to many different countries. Now it was on me to enter the washing room. First impression uhhhh, stinky and dirty after all these people who were entering it before me. Soap and sweat mixture with a pinch of human excrement were entering my nose and my face muscle became tensed. Ok what to do just in brush fast the tees and try not to touch to much objects. Back in my cabin the first houses of Moscow passing by the window. I was just finishing my back packing when train enters Moscow station. Looking at my grey 10kg rucksack who was still left from my boy scout time. Its material has already a lot of holes who I patch before I start traveling. The patch colors didn´t fit but were looking very unique. At that time the rucksack was used 20 years from me. Actually never washed because I didn´t know how, hahaha. It was my companion for the five years of traveling. I met a lot travelers during my trip and search for a real master. They were equipped with newest material, water proved,  breathable and good for the back, mhhh. But this basic rucksack was my and it stored everything I needed. The train stopped very hard so I was falling at the seat in front of me, ok Moscow here I´m. A bleeding cut on my forehead because of this abrupt train stop I was entering the platform. Oh shit was my first thought this is really beastly cold here and this frosty wind. My shoulders were lifting up by them self without any active order of my. Closing the zipper till no gap was left but still uhhhh minus 20 degrees was the first time I felt. The crowd is blocking the platform and I was wiggling through till the entrance of the station concourse. I had to find now anybody to show me were is the right train station for the transsiberian train. So far I understood was this who I entered not the right one. Somehow I managed it by showing the ticket to some government employee. He explain me the way to the right station by taking the underground. Out of the station I realized that the virgin white snow which I saw out of my train window had turned into grey, brown and somehow dirty here in Moscow. Cold,windy, no smiling people and dirty snow this was my first impression of Moscow. Will see what the day here in Moscow will offering me.

grosser-rucksack-hanf-und-bio-baumwolle 2