Flow of life…Chi/Qi

After practicing over 30 years of Chi kung / Qi Gong I realizing more and more the „flow of life“. Everything whats not flowing belongs not to life. Everything who´s got the flow is filled with Qi. Qi is the engine of life. It is like the petrol for a machine/ car etc.. Smooth flowing. Qi is the vital energy no Qi no life.  Is Qi flowing smoothly without any blockages then life is also flowing smoothly. Means no bodily pain,  no body heaviness, no body stiffness because all bodily processes working like they should. All body metabolism are working optimally. The muscle, joins, tissues, skin, organs etc. get nourished best if the flow of Qi has no hindrance. Is Chi/Qi not flowing smoothly many symptoms can arise and this cause problems any direction. The influence can be bodily, mentally, emotionally or spiritually The wonder of life Qi why does it flow through us ? The explanation is the trinity> Heaven, Human, Earth. We are between Haven and Earth or we can also say between Yin and Yang. The constantly exchange of Yin and Yang (heaven and earth) and we are or our body are between. If you are in Ci Kung state of mind or in meditation state of mind you will realize it.


You will understand the taoist  theory by own experience not by repeating the theory from books. This is one of the most important from theory to practice or even better first practice then add theory. Like the ancient master have done it. In western countries most of the time its other way round. A lot of theory books reading, online lessons, dvd and so on is for the most Qi Gong followers more important then daily practice. They do not understand the theory after practice philosophy. On seminars they like questioning more then action same at home. Reading books to have theory or understand over practicing. This can be one reason why not so many get a deep cleansing even they practicing high level Chi Kung. Blockages in the mind is a big hindrance for the smooth flow of life.

Next article will be about Qi and emotions….


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