green, white ,red and black tea ?

After some explanations of green/ white tea now some information about black tea. Black tea is the one who get drunk most around the world. By contrast to green, white  one the black is fully fermented. In the west it refers black because of its color oxidised leaves. In the east some call it also „red tea“ because of the reddish colored liquid. One the most well known or famous black tea is Puh Erh Tea from Yunnan Province in south west China. They even get routes named „Tea horse Road“(cha ma dao) where tea caravans where transporting the tea from Yunnan province via Beijing or Tibet. Because of the long transport the tea get fermented and formed into bricks, disks or nests. The storage during the caravan transport was much easier then. So we can say the Puh Erh/ Pu Er was a by product of the „Tea Horse Road“ by itself. Because of these the tea has become a quite new flavor. It has created a specific kind of ‘black’tea, called hei cha.

pu er brick_s

An other well known black / red tea is the half fermented famous Oolong (black dragon)tea. From that tea the british took plants from Fujian province and brought it to India were it flourished and it became the famous Darjeeling tea.

more about tea ….soon



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