the search for a real master…

The illumination of the Kremlin clear away behind me after few minutes walking. I forgot the cold and the freezing wind around me so much adrenalin get produced. Even start to sweat between these big closemouthed men who were guiding me to the police station. Together we were entering after 10 minutes walking a huge Stalin time building it was the headquarters of KGB now the organization is named FSB. 

KGB Haus Mosc

The two officers brought still no talking to me  in a small room with only one table in center and two chairs. On the table only a black telephone who was looking like from other century and black desk light. One of the two guys was pointing on a chair to show me to sit down and took place at the door case. The other one was somehow disappeared. Later I understood he was organizing a translator for me. Time enough to look around but actually nothing to see only dirty wallpaper an old exposed radiator who strong enough to warm the small room who had no fresh air and was stinky a bid moldy. Twenty minutes later a woman also in civil dress entered the room. She was my translator and had not even one smile during the examination. From the adjoining room I heard loud shoutings and ounce in a while slapping sound mixed from a human groan with pain. My hands were getting wet and some drops of sweat were landing on the desk while one of the officers throw a bind document on the desk. The in front of me sitting female translator was starting her work to translate the questions and talks of the officer who was walking up and down in front of me all the time. Very seldom he was stopping to look in my face very close. So close that I could smell his empty stomach mixed with a breeze of bad coffee. The desk light was now turned toward to my face and cannot remember who has done it. The heat entered my face and now I could not see anymore. The light was so bright that I had to squint my eyes and everything around became black and I had orient myself where the officer was by  his voice. Suddenly the side door get opened and I could see into the room. What I saw was quit choking me. The guy who was changing the money was sitting with handcuff both arms behind his back. The face was red from blood and a swollen for a second we get in eye contact. His eyes were begging; please don´t tell.

search for a real master…

I think my smack during chewing was quite loud and fast. After finishing a mountain of Hamburger and slurping the hot coffee the mood starts lighten again and my joints could move normally because the body felt since hours warm again. Leaving the fast food chain with upright head like a successful hunter. On the street still the long queue of citizen covered with snow because now a big snow flurry had started. With the head down I followed the line in opposite direction because I knew it will lead me back to the metro. A icy wind was blowing and even my cap the scarf  the fold up shroud could not help me from starting shiver. A long the line way with head down I was studying one shoe pair after the other. The most people were wearing boots covered with dirty grey snow but some only normal shoes and I was suffering with these people because I could feel with them. The cold feeds and icy toes brhhhhh, ounce in while I was lifting my eyebrow to look from down to upside to snatch the face of the poor shoe owners. After my arrive at the Metro I was able to lift up my head again because no cold wind anymore. My right hand moved to my running nose to wipe it and was touching to my surprise tiny little icicle. From the snow white colored eyebrows melted snowflakes drips down on my cheeks. I bought a ticket to red square take place at the train to the famous red square and felt like a happy full tourist. Around 6pm I arrived run up the stairs and my eyes view in orange light illuminated huge square.

Basilius Kathedral e

The red colored kremlin made beautiful contrast to the white snowing and I started to shoot pics. It was not as easy with my cold finger hard to bend them for the right click. Suddenly a man with a long black coat start to talk with me in broken english something like“ change money“ , „dollar-rubel?“ and so on. Then he was showing me a bunch of rubel notes bend round and was telling me the rate: „1:8″ dollar:rubel“. After stoping shooting pic I just say „OK“. I checked around the area by looking left and right and could not see any strange only few normal looking people at the white, red orange colored red square. I changed 100 Dollar with the thought to make a good deal because it was six times more then the normal rate. It took a minute to count the amount of rubel. We exchange the bank notes sayed good by and went our ways. It will be seven and half day trip on train good to have a lot of rubel for buy I was thinking on my way. Meanwhile my feeds were raising snow. A while later I felt something knocking on my right shoulder. After my turning around I saw two men with black hat, briefcases and dressed like business men. One start to talk with me in english with russian accent. „Please follow us…KGB“. With internal laughers and external smiling I turned around and walked my way. Hahaha they are thinking we are in a spy movie like James Bond, „From russia with love“ was popping up in my mind. Slap- bang the two men were passing me left and right and were stopping in front of me. „Follow us…KGB“one was commanding during rising up his right sided shroud it shows something like police disk with big red metal star on it. My breath was stopping…oh shi. its not a movie came in my mind. Guarded left and right I had to follow the two business people. Not a single word was talked but my sense organs were open because of the adrenalin push. The snow creaks under the weight of the three silent walking men and the breath was creating mist in front of my head. Is this the end of my journey…the search of a real master?

Chinese Dragon Mythology

Long, Chinese character for dragon

There five different Chinese Dragons (chin. Long) species are following:

  1. celestial dragons who guard the abodes of the gods
  2. treasure-guarding dragons; guards precious metals and stones
  3. dragon spirits, who rule over wind and rain but can also cause flooding
  4. earth dragons, who cleanse the rivers and deepen the oceans
  5. imperial dragons; dragons with five claws instead of the usual four

Dragon Zeichn

Asian Dragons are rarely depicted as malevolent in contrast to western mythology.

In Chinese philosophy the dragon corresponds to springtime, the color green/blue and element wood is also representing the east of the four directions. The Chinese dragon is fearsome and benevolen at the same time and the bringers of wealth and good fortune.

From time to time pictured with its counterpart the Phoenix. It painted an other symbol of Yin and Yang. Dragon and Phoenix symbolism associated with the imperial family.Dragon the emperor and phoenix the empress. Only the imperial family were allowed to wear this symbol on yellow robes. The „ImperialDragon“ of the Celestial Kingdom(China) is the only one who has five claws. The Chinese emperor Yao one of the five primal emperor it was said he was a son of a dragon.

If the dragon is painted with the tiger he represents the yin but painted with the phoenix the yang. Often alone portrayed surrounded by clouds and water who shows he associated to the watery realms. Also said Dragons are to be shape shifters, and may assume as human body. 

search for real master….

After slow moving forward with the queue somehow I reach after hours with ice cubes as feeds and hands the entrance of the paradise. Mc Donald here I´m please let me in first to warming up second to fill my belly with food. The guard at the front door were looking not very amused with their red frozen faces they just have to do their job. Every time the entrance door was getting opened the typical smell flutter over to penetrate my nose senses and my mouth starts to water after now fifteen hours empty stomach. Closer to the entrance the people were becoming more nervous the movement from one foot to the other and the hand rubbing was looking like winter winding toys. The foggy breath of the people were up rising like from chimney stack and it seems to me that even my ear sense were frozen. The sounds of live was somehow like listen behind cotton my brain was frozen so very little thoughts arising during the waiting hours. I should learn to meditate in icy circumstances then the thoughts by itself will become less because of frozen brain, hahaha. Somebody from behind was pushing me forward and I saw the guard was pointing at me and an other person to enter the Mc Heaven. Passing the guards with the Kalaschnikows following the finger pointing of the soldier and was entering the warm.


Moscow winter Mc


My nose decide to start running like water pipe, to extreme the temperature difference from in and out. Inside other guards were doing their job to keep the mop quite and in nice order so no fighting during standing at the queue. Nose running, mouth watering and no also my eyes starting tears up. The Mc service were running to satisfy the massif order of the people who reach their goal after so many hours of waiting in minus degree. The goal i.e. counter was looking like every where on world, Mc Style. During the inside queue my order idea was changing every second, better take this with that or better take this with….more confusion then mental clarity what to take or better…? shut up frozen brain/mind, I´m just hungry my order should be warm and massif. Like it actually was when it was on me to order. After I figure out that around the half of the card was already off. Somehow I load my plate so full so hard to find any space between the colorful mountains of finger food with coffee. Like an artist I balancing my hunted food mountain between the crowd to find a space for me to fill my stomach. Lots of eyes were observing me or better the massif food mountain on my plate. When I reach a small space in a corner I was breathing out loud and was warming my fingers by crapping my coffee pot with both hands. The smell of my food mountain were entering my nose, this was a quite happy moment. Such a basic satisfaction food….hunger and it came in my mind what are around twenty hours of no food, hunger in comparison to really pures in Africa, Southamerica or in Asia. With this thought I took my Hamburger and chop my set of teeth into it, my social mind stops immediately because all my senses were now in my mouth during the Hamburger taste was exploding like a vulcan or firework. The humanity or social live or work is only in our mind if our basics are satisfied, hunger, thirst and so on. I heard it or read it somewhere but now it becomes reality for me. My stomach first then others this how the I and the my is working…..thank you Mc for the this perception.