search for real master….

The sun up rising, the fog and the from snow covered white landscape were passing by like unreal pictures. Like in an art gallery the pics creating emotion within the body, the heart beat was speeding up while observing the closer coming scenario of Moscow. The passengers of the train were becoming busy and the few still sleeping ones deciding now to stand up also. The queue in front of the washing room were crowing and the chatting of the queue people ? I can say it was a lot and loud but no idea what about. More and more I understood this kind of nonverbal conversation will be my companion during my on going traveling to many different countries. Now it was on me to enter the washing room. First impression uhhhh, stinky and dirty after all these people who were entering it before me. Soap and sweat mixture with a pinch of human excrement were entering my nose and my face muscle became tensed. Ok what to do just in brush fast the tees and try not to touch to much objects. Back in my cabin the first houses of Moscow passing by the window. I was just finishing my back packing when train enters Moscow station. Looking at my grey 10kg rucksack who was still left from my boy scout time. Its material has already a lot of holes who I patch before I start traveling. The patch colors didn´t fit but were looking very unique. At that time the rucksack was used 20 years from me. Actually never washed because I didn´t know how, hahaha. It was my companion for the five years of traveling. I met a lot travelers during my trip and search for a real master. They were equipped with newest material, water proved,  breathable and good for the back, mhhh. But this basic rucksack was my and it stored everything I needed. The train stopped very hard so I was falling at the seat in front of me, ok Moscow here I´m. A bleeding cut on my forehead because of this abrupt train stop I was entering the platform. Oh shit was my first thought this is really beastly cold here and this frosty wind. My shoulders were lifting up by them self without any active order of my. Closing the zipper till no gap was left but still uhhhh minus 20 degrees was the first time I felt. The crowd is blocking the platform and I was wiggling through till the entrance of the station concourse. I had to find now anybody to show me were is the right train station for the transsiberian train. So far I understood was this who I entered not the right one. Somehow I managed it by showing the ticket to some government employee. He explain me the way to the right station by taking the underground. Out of the station I realized that the virgin white snow which I saw out of my train window had turned into grey, brown and somehow dirty here in Moscow. Cold,windy, no smiling people and dirty snow this was my first impression of Moscow. Will see what the day here in Moscow will offering me.

grosser-rucksack-hanf-und-bio-baumwolle 2

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