search for a real master…

Good, I learned my lesson. Never ever leave the passport alone and money during day and during night keep it at the body. Sounds easy but if wake up sleepy only half awaken and so on. Still I tried to understand what was going on with train with the going in and out of the station. Somehow one told me as good as he can with body language the train has to change the axis of the hole train. I asked what? Yes they had to change because the track are differently here in Sowjetunion. They are smaller so they have to adjust them before able to entering the country. Back at my cabin I realized the snoring of the japanese guy and the deep breathing of others. The cabin was for six passenger and the windows was not to open. Mhhhh the smell of six human in small cabin very special I would say today. The heater sound click, click, click… and the dry air mixed with bad breath and farts a mixture who I never will forget. This was only the first day and night at the train on the way to Moscow and not even on the transsiberian train.




With this last thought and my cross armed listening to the sound oft the train tsch, tsch, takatunk, tsch,tsch,takatunk and I fell asleep. After few hours I woke up because of action in the cabin. I sit up to fast and bhääämmm knocked my head at sealing. Wonderful wake up action… you don´t need any further procedure. The highest sleeping bed in the cabin was mine only around 80cm between mattress and sealing. Why in hell all this things are happen? where is the flow? It seems to me some thing want to keep me away from my idea to search for a real master. Or are these already the first tests on my way to the goal? Will see and after my breakfast tea the world looks already much more positive. While at horizon the unreal silhouette of Moscow was appearing in the morning fog.

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