Body & Mind cultivation….how?

From theory to practical use is a very important step but many Dao / Zen followers are fail. I´m always saying to my students „you can´t learn how to swim by reading books or by discussing“. That means lower down your will to understand by mind better to understand by practicing. Because of practicing real practical and experienced conversation about will start. This made the difference. A understanding of the philosophy by practicing is already walking on the path in right direction. The questions of theorizer are complicated and most of the time confused. This doesn´t mean they are stupid because there are not such things.

The level of followers of the path you can see by their actions and hear by their questions. Not what the most people thinking> how many techniques somebody knows or can perform is showing the level.

2013-12-31 08.02.12

Morning view from Zen- Kloster Eisenbuch /Germany 

How to follow correct? Not as easy because we get educated from our parents, school, education or university to think and to questions things. In tradition way we trust the old path and wisdom and we should just  follow the advices of the master we have chosen. This is sometime also a difficult task. How do we know its a real master of the art?



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