seek for a real master… the journey

The timetable on the transsibirian  train was quite boring waking up, morning queue at washing room, queue train at the train restaurant, take any chicken menue, talking with body language to the people mixed up with some words, walking up and down saying hello to the passengers, look out of the window to see white winter landscape who passing by, changing the clock every few hours, smoking cigarettes between the cabins with exchange of western cigarettes to russian ones who always brought me to cough, rest and read a book, sleeping, wake up because of snoring neighbours.

Winter Zug

This all in a daily similar rythm. After days you know more or less by face all the passengers because of walking up and down the train. Ounce in a while you get invited by get pulled in a cabin for sharing fruits, drinks or any kind of food, the sound of the train rails  was like a never ending  ruminant frequence to help you to relax during day time and night time, tschagung ratata tschagung tschagung ratata……..still in my mind when start thinking about my journey, 7 days and night for 180 hours…tschagung ratata tschagung….at that time I was saying it is like brain washing today I would say it is like a mediation sound….

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  1. … Oh, may be I can use this Rhythm during my meditation in the retreat – “ > > tschagung ratata >

    Anything is welcome!



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