seaking for a real master…

Tired I said hello back during my looking were my space is for the next week. Throwing my backpack on bed who was left. Shaking hands to the strangers who gonna share with me the cabin. Actually only travelers like me on the way to east.Seems that the agencies have done it by purpose but who knows? One Japanese, a Canadian couple an Italian guy and me. They were chatting without pauses I was tired and want just sleep. Suddenly the train starts moving and because of that the still standing cabin members falling in wild mess toward me. One of them tried later to open the window but could not because it enclosed. My god I was thinking for my self that will be horrible stinking train trip.


The radiator made sound tic tac…tic tac..tic tac beside my ears under me the sound of the train wheels sometimes the train was moving like a ship. The quality of the train track seams to me from history time. Entangled arms I was laying on my bed still clothes on and listened to the sound. While I was thinking over my day action my luck or not with the KGB I was falling to sleep. Even the loud conversation of my cabin mates could not prevent me from it.Somehow I woke up because of need to go washroom. Bämmm, I forgot that my bed was the under ceiling. Three torches were dazzle me at the same time from different directions.

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