seaking for a real master….

Back from washing room I was climbing up to my bed under the celling. Actually you could only can lay down on the upper bed the space for a sit was to little. Between the train sound I could hear the breath of my cabin crew. Once in a while my head get bounced against the cabin wall when train the track wasn´t in good  condition – means often bämm, bämm. So during night I trained iron head hahaha even did not know about. My thoughts were running here and there and somehow I fall to sleep. I woke up because of the action of my cabin neighbors everybody very active beside me. My head felt like concrete the air in the cabin felt like zero oxygen. I remember now no way to open the windows. One night no oxygen what then about the other seven days came in my mind. Outside of the cabin I saw very busy people running forward backward loaded with towels and the morning toilette only one small washing room for one coach. So queue up for it is now normal and I should get use to it to spend at least 35 – 45 minutes if I´m lucky. After I finished my washing room action I decide to go for a good breakfast.

Trans Winter_s

The pocket full of black market Rubel I will go now for a king breakfast so my thoughts. Happy that the KGB gave me all the black changed money fully back. The walk on the corridor was a small adventure. Most people standing there to chat or were looking out of window. Between the coaches the smokers were meeting for cigarettes in the small very cold area. The only space were it was allowed to smoke. „But first my king breakfast „I was telling the guys who like to invite me for a cigarette. Not as easy the talk because so many nations with different languages and or strange sounding a accents. After a round 30 Minutes walk in one direction I figure out it was the wrong side yeah….all the way back. Hellooo here helloooo there on my way back and again same question about „hey have cigarette together“. Aiaia what they calling cigarettes was looking very strange in their mouth and was smelling uhhhh. They calling them „Papirossa“, more paper or filter then tobacco. First time I saw and was smelling them. My stomach was already like a musician. Music like sound I heard from the abdominal area. All together It tool around 1h to find the so called restaurant couch. And of course a queue. Meanwhile I was observing the landscape by looking out of the window….I can say very exciting ….white and more white and not to forget a bit white in it…

search for real master….

After slow moving forward with the queue somehow I reach after hours with ice cubes as feeds and hands the entrance of the paradise. Mc Donald here I´m please let me in first to warming up second to fill my belly with food. The guard at the front door were looking not very amused with their red frozen faces they just have to do their job. Every time the entrance door was getting opened the typical smell flutter over to penetrate my nose senses and my mouth starts to water after now fifteen hours empty stomach. Closer to the entrance the people were becoming more nervous the movement from one foot to the other and the hand rubbing was looking like winter winding toys. The foggy breath of the people were up rising like from chimney stack and it seems to me that even my ear sense were frozen. The sounds of live was somehow like listen behind cotton my brain was frozen so very little thoughts arising during the waiting hours. I should learn to meditate in icy circumstances then the thoughts by itself will become less because of frozen brain, hahaha. Somebody from behind was pushing me forward and I saw the guard was pointing at me and an other person to enter the Mc Heaven. Passing the guards with the Kalaschnikows following the finger pointing of the soldier and was entering the warm.


Moscow winter Mc


My nose decide to start running like water pipe, to extreme the temperature difference from in and out. Inside other guards were doing their job to keep the mop quite and in nice order so no fighting during standing at the queue. Nose running, mouth watering and no also my eyes starting tears up. The Mc service were running to satisfy the massif order of the people who reach their goal after so many hours of waiting in minus degree. The goal i.e. counter was looking like every where on world, Mc Style. During the inside queue my order idea was changing every second, better take this with that or better take this with….more confusion then mental clarity what to take or better…? shut up frozen brain/mind, I´m just hungry my order should be warm and massif. Like it actually was when it was on me to order. After I figure out that around the half of the card was already off. Somehow I load my plate so full so hard to find any space between the colorful mountains of finger food with coffee. Like an artist I balancing my hunted food mountain between the crowd to find a space for me to fill my stomach. Lots of eyes were observing me or better the massif food mountain on my plate. When I reach a small space in a corner I was breathing out loud and was warming my fingers by crapping my coffee pot with both hands. The smell of my food mountain were entering my nose, this was a quite happy moment. Such a basic satisfaction food….hunger and it came in my mind what are around twenty hours of no food, hunger in comparison to really pures in Africa, Southamerica or in Asia. With this thought I took my Hamburger and chop my set of teeth into it, my social mind stops immediately because all my senses were now in my mouth during the Hamburger taste was exploding like a vulcan or firework. The humanity or social live or work is only in our mind if our basics are satisfied, hunger, thirst and so on. I heard it or read it somewhere but now it becomes reality for me. My stomach first then others this how the I and the my is working…..thank you Mc for the this perception.