search for a real master…

In the right rail toward to my favorite world yellow red restaurant I was thinking about my political approach. At least a political system should be able to feed the public was my self giving answer. In western countries since second world war nothing like this was happen anymore. We western people always can get at least something to eat without any problem. Beside my mind blabla the loudspeakers were shouting the announcement of the stations but anyway I could not understand it. The noise level around me and the foreign language and the fuzzy roar voice from speakers, I´m shure everybody knows what I´m talking about. Better not even listen to the loudspeaker announcement better counting the stations for safety. Somehow I managed it without to get lost and I went off the train. Engage myself into the mainstream of train leaving people and following them like a robot toward to the surface of Moscow. During my walking up the steps  I realized people who were standing in line close to the wall of the steps. On the cold windy surface still the line up people.


Ice cream in winter > best hahaha

I was following the tip of the young fellow how to find MC Donald. Walking in the icy wind around a corner of a huge building, still line up people next building still icy wind and the queue. Last building last corner of it who I was passing then I was a kind of paralyzed and my mouth decide to get open wide. The icy wind was frozen my teeth and it was close to breath ice cubes. The line up from the metro station is the one for…. nooooo it can not be came into my mind. But it was reality… so walking back to the metro station down the steps and lining up like the others on a empty stomach. The time was passing by and it was noon already and the stomach growl was getting louder. Step by step but very slowly the queue moved forward almost nobody was talking to busy to stay warm by moving from one leg to the other. At 1.30pm means 1,5h after queue up I was able to see the entrance with word wide known sign of McD. Finger- and food tips I could´t feel anymore and it was difficult to move hands and feed and would somebody touching my nose it will fall down like a peace of icicle same with my ears. Now I was really happy for the gift of a friend of mine, long underwear. What a lovely gift…I was thinking…next time I will met him a big hug will be for shure…During my waiting I was observing still in big distance the scene in front of MC entrance. Military post were standing in front at were controlling with weapons the in and out of people. Means two people out > two people in and not allowing by military power that any chaos or fighting for food will start.  Step by step coming closer to the MC entrance and ounce in while when somebody was open the entrance door a light smell of food was blowing over.  Immediately the smell was touching my olfactory nerve the mouth starts watering like fire workers in action. Had to swallow my saliva or it would trop out of my mouth. During a swallow action I was thinking how fast some can change if the circumstances is pushing. To change from McD hating to saliva injection took me only 15h of hunger. Is this political correct ?