Zen – Weisheiten oder so

So da fangen wir mal an aus der Sammlung und der Erinnerung einiges zusammen zu tragen. Brainstorming> mal sehen was raus kommt Zustand des Hirngeschwafels:P1090624


Leben und Tod beides ist gut. Ist vom gleichen Ursprung. Wasser wird Eis und schmilzt wieder zu Wasser. Was geboren ist stirbt weder, was gestorben ist erwacht wieder zum Leben. Letztendlich ist es eins. Beruhigend und auch gut so.






Flow of life…Chi/Qi

After practicing over 30 years of Chi kung / Qi Gong I realizing more and more the „flow of life“. Everything whats not flowing belongs not to life. Everything who´s got the flow is filled with Qi. Qi is the engine of life. It is like the petrol for a machine/ car etc.. Smooth flowing. Qi is the vital energy no Qi no life.  Is Qi flowing smoothly without any blockages then life is also flowing smoothly. Means no bodily pain,  no body heaviness, no body stiffness because all bodily processes working like they should. All body metabolism are working optimally. The muscle, joins, tissues, skin, organs etc. get nourished best if the flow of Qi has no hindrance. Is Chi/Qi not flowing smoothly many symptoms can arise and this cause problems any direction. The influence can be bodily, mentally, emotionally or spiritually The wonder of life Qi why does it flow through us ? The explanation is the trinity> Heaven, Human, Earth. We are between Haven and Earth or we can also say between Yin and Yang. The constantly exchange of Yin and Yang (heaven and earth) and we are or our body are between. If you are in Ci Kung state of mind or in meditation state of mind you will realize it.


You will understand the taoist  theory by own experience not by repeating the theory from books. This is one of the most important from theory to practice or even better first practice then add theory. Like the ancient master have done it. In western countries most of the time its other way round. A lot of theory books reading, online lessons, dvd and so on is for the most Qi Gong followers more important then daily practice. They do not understand the theory after practice philosophy. On seminars they like questioning more then action same at home. Reading books to have theory or understand over practicing. This can be one reason why not so many get a deep cleansing even they practicing high level Chi Kung. Blockages in the mind is a big hindrance for the smooth flow of life.

Next article will be about Qi and emotions….


the way of residing in peace…

If you want to enter the Dao you should get prepared. Means body and mind are ready for it. When your personal body has a good foundation, your mind can find gradually peace. The energy and spirit radiate in harmony and you can enter real tao.

When movement and action becomes necessary, be careful not to overdue and exhaust yourself because this will diminish your energy (Qi/Chi). On the other hand you can´t exist without movement. No movement and no action means you will create blockades. Means sickness and pain. The balance between action and non action is the secret of success on the taoist and buddhist way. Called middle path. You should therefor find a way between action and tranquility. Then you can guard the eternal and be at peace with your lot.


search for a real master…

Good, I learned my lesson. Never ever leave the passport alone and money during day and during night keep it at the body. Sounds easy but if wake up sleepy only half awaken and so on. Still I tried to understand what was going on with train with the going in and out of the station. Somehow one told me as good as he can with body language the train has to change the axis of the hole train. I asked what? Yes they had to change because the track are differently here in Sowjetunion. They are smaller so they have to adjust them before able to entering the country. Back at my cabin I realized the snoring of the japanese guy and the deep breathing of others. The cabin was for six passenger and the windows was not to open. Mhhhh the smell of six human in small cabin very special I would say today. The heater sound click, click, click… and the dry air mixed with bad breath and farts a mixture who I never will forget. This was only the first day and night at the train on the way to Moscow and not even on the transsiberian train.




With this last thought and my cross armed listening to the sound oft the train tsch, tsch, takatunk, tsch,tsch,takatunk and I fell asleep. After few hours I woke up because of action in the cabin. I sit up to fast and bhääämmm knocked my head at sealing. Wonderful wake up action… you don´t need any further procedure. The highest sleeping bed in the cabin was mine only around 80cm between mattress and sealing. Why in hell all this things are happen? where is the flow? It seems to me some thing want to keep me away from my idea to search for a real master. Or are these already the first tests on my way to the goal? Will see and after my breakfast tea the world looks already much more positive. While at horizon the unreal silhouette of Moscow was appearing in the morning fog.

Search for a Master …on my to the east…

Still confused while smoking the cigarette, looking around over the mass of people sitting on the floor and waiting for whatever. I could not control my mind anymore because of the circling thoughts. Passport, money and my backpack gone with the leaving train and I´m standing here in the station this can´t be real must be a nightmare. Somehow I saw some signs over a door and I decide to go to this office to ask what going on here. The people where looking at us like we where from an other planet, strange because we are still in Europe. But all this waiting people where looking very eastern like Kirghiz, Mongolian with hole families and so on.


I was entering the office and start to ask what to do. The guy of course couldn´t speak any word english or german. So I explained by hand and feed the situation and he was not even looking surprised. Lifting the shoulder up again and again. After around half hour he just gave us the english transit visa papers without any comment. So what ?now an english written transit visa to fill up but no train hahaha funny people. No money in my pocket nobody speaking any languages I know. After around the third cigarettes from my Japanese traveller friend we recognized that the soldiers with machine guns where standing again in front of the closed door to block it against the waiting people. Few minutes later our train was running in from the direction it was leaving before. I start running towards to the gate jumping over the on the floor sitting or sleeping families. Arrived at the gate I realized, yes indeed it was my train to Moscow. The train was standing now on an other platform. Knocking at the gate to get attention of the soldiers. They where turning around toward to us. I was pointing on me and pointing at the train again and again. They answered with a sign like show me your ticket. By hand and feed and body language I answered: my…..ticket……is ……at…. this….. train…are…you… understanding…..?????? Looking to each other one soldier began to open the gate for us and was closing it immediately behind us to stop the now moving mass of people who like also to enter the platforms. Now I start running to find our coach and the cabin with all my belongings. More closer I came to my cabin bed more faster my heart was beating. Will it still be there? Questions over questions running through my mind. Lifting up my bed pillow and…….. yeah everything was still at its place. Happiness and sadness sometimes very close together. Now finally I also could get my socks on because I was all time barefooted in my boots. Winter minus 10 no heater no socks no pullover only a t-shirt. Yes, yes quite cold even you have survive only around one and half hours. I start dancing with the japanese guy who was still relaxed. After a while happy dancing he stopped it with the words: „I told you already everything will be alright“ he turned around and went to washing room.

Learned lesson: Never leave passport and money belt , keep it always with you

Journey to the east …searching for real master

From Budapest > Ticket in my pocket on the way to Moscow to catch the transsiberian train. Looking out of the train window at the horizon the lights of Budapest are getting smaller until nothing left. Anyway very cold because  end of november wintertime so closing the window and walk to my cabin to sleep. I was sharing the cabin with this crazy japanese guy who was crossing almost hole Asia to cross Europe by motorbike. The rhythmically sound of  the traveling train let me fall to sleep fast and easy.

train black and white_s

I woke up because the train was stopping and the travelers on the train became busy. The stop was because we reach in the middle of the night the boarder to Russia today its Ukraine. The custom officer were giving the passenger visa application to fill in and for getting the right to enter Russia. I was realy tired and still half sleeping. Somehow the I understand that the visa application was written in Cyriillic script. The officer who could not speak in english was trying by hand and feed to let me understand to get the application in english from the stationmaster. Ok I was jumping with naked feed into my boots, swung my parka over my shoulder and slurping out to look for the stationmaster. Soldiers were guarding the entrance to the station and I was explaining what I and the japanese  have to do. After they were open the gate I was a bit shocked. Hundreds or more of people were sitting on the station floor  so many that even walking was quite difficult. Young and old and whole families waiting, sitting, eating or were sleeping on the floor. Behind us the gate was falling closed and soldiers disappeared. Still looking for the office of the stationmaster I realized that my train was leaving the station. For a moment my brain was so shocked and for moment really empty. Later in came in my mind this feeling of emptiness  must be the meditation state of mind. After the first shock was over I tried like crazy to figure out what was going on. Nobody who could speak english but tried again and again to find somebody. But no luck. Then the second shock because I realize that I forget all my papers and my money in the cabin under my pillow stored in my money belt. Now I can laugh about but in this situation I was closer to start crying. After the emptiness of my brain a Tsunami of thoughts where fighting in my head. Like…seven days…everything over already, could not even start my search for a master …how to come home…no money no honey…whom to talk… where, what, how… and so on. Then a tap on my shoulder the japanese was smiling and was offering me a american cigarette smilingly. With following sentence while lighting my cigarette: “ Don´t worry my friend on my two years of traveling I had worse situations and I survived it like you see.“ With a big hollywood like smile he was blowing out the smoke.



Elevated blood lipids or Cholesterol how to lower them….

There is a saying: „The human is as healthy like his blood vessels“. If you don´t watch out about your food intake for years your blood and vessels are not in best condition. A lot of people got elevated blood lipids. The Traditional Chinese Medicine is using the „Oyster Mushroom“ for balancing the high level cholesterol.  The oyster mushroom is  enhancing the blood circulation and is binding the blood lipids.

Oyster mushroom


> 1kg oyster mushroom for around 20 days

cutting it in racer thin slices, store it on paper and turn them often for few days until their complete dry, from the 1kg maybe only 100 gram left by weight, grind it in a mortar, store it dark in glass jar,

> take everyday one teaspoon, add it into your food or with hot water

Wish a healthy live